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Magic Carpet Race with Will Smith

-We are back with Will Smith. [ Cheers and applause ] Since Will stars in “Aladdin,” he and I are going to face off in the world’s first ever magic carpet race. -Yeah! Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] -Are you ready for this? -Yeah! -Wow! -Yeah! You’re going down, son. -Wow! [ Cheers and…

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All American | Nkechi Okoro Carroll – The Magic Of All American | The CW

– [Narrator] This is life in Crenshaw. Everyone here has to work twice as hard just to keep up with the rest of the world. – I think we always set out to make a show about a kid from South Central who’s sort of straddling two worlds. – I can’t keep living with a…

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Brenda Song and Esther Povitsky Search Lilly’s Backpack

-Speaking of your show, you do a lot of stand-up comedy. It is hilarious. Hilarious. But at the end of some of your shows, you do this bit where you go through an audience member’s purse. -I do. -Here’s the thing. I hate purses. I can’t do purses. But I do do backpacks. And I…

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His Dark Materials Episode 4 Reaction | Magic Unleashed | BuzzChomp

You’re back for more His Dark Materials here on BuzzChomp. We’re reacting to Episode four. I’m Dan Salem and in this episode the magic was truly unleashed. I’m Mandi and I’m Dan. Subscribe to BuzzChomp! We’ve had magic throughout this show thus far. I mean I haven’t read the books. I’m not familiar with the…

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Port Townsend’s Abracadabra puts the magic in shopping local – KING 5 Evening

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Inside: Merry Fool Us | The CW

– Wait, I think I hear them coming down the chimney. The Dancer and Prancer of magic, Penn and Teller! – Yeah, you know, when you think of our career, you think Christmas. We look so cute side-by-side. – Yeah. There’s gonna be a Christmas episode which is really fun to do, and the set…

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Illusionist Derren Brown Reads Seth’s Mind

-We’re here with illusionist Derren Brown, everybody, whose show, “Derren Brown: Secret” is on Broadway through January 4th, at the Cort Theatre. And I’m so happy to be here. What an honor. -This is so exciting. Thank you for having me on. Ignore this — -Okay. -By the way, ignore that. -Okay. -Pay that no…

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The Wizard Twins of Hotel High Starring Lilly Singh

-Disney Plus has basically taken over entertainment. Anybody watching? [ Cheers and applause ] Before, I’d never even heard of Baby Yoda. Now I would die for him. And people are getting back into Disney Channel classics. I’m talking stuff like “Jessie,” “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” “Wizards of Waverly Place.” [ Cheers…

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The Berenstain Bears: Too Much TV/Trick or Treat – Ep.5

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Black Family Magic Is… | Family Reunion | Netflix

Come on, y’all.Moz, Cocoa, and the kids moving back home;it’s Black Family Magic. Smile, there you go.We’re one big happy family, under one happy roof.I hope you been studying. No! You need to teach me how you do that. It’s a gift, baby. Black Family Magic is being together. Sticking together. And praying together. Jesus,…

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