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Do You Have Schizophrenic? Take the Test (Hollow-Mask illusion)

Hi, this is Emma, and welcome to Esoteric Detective. Have you ever heard of the Hollow Mask test? It is a strange test which can help you or someone else tell if they might have a hidden mental illness or not. The mask you see, is a simple real mask, that is turning around. It…

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FIT OCEAN – Magic Glide – Ein hochwertiges SUP muss kein Tausender kosten

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Brain Tricks – This Is How Your Brain Works

You may not realize it but your brain actually processes information in two very distinct ways. Like when you look at this photo, you instantly know she has blond hair, is visibly angry, and likely has some choice words to yell. Without any effort you experience fast thinking, but if you look at the following…

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The Body Transfer Illusion

[light scratching noises] There’s something very unsettling about this. Is it?>>Yeah. What about this? [wheezing laughter] No? My eyes! We have goggles for a reason! [Brian’s voice echos in the distance] ♪ MODERN ROGUE! ♪ [robot voice] The modern rogue does some freaky stuff with hands. Jason Murphy, the other day I said, “Come on.”…

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EXPERIMENT MAKING WATER FLOAT!! 5 Amazing Water Tricks & Hacks! Satisfying DIY Experiment!

I`m gonna freeze this water in 3 2 1 freeze Hello Hey guys its Wengie and today we have… Surprise hug Alright so today we have such a fun video we are going to be playing with water. some of them are really mind blowing…AMAZING! I literally did freeze water in time and i will…

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Brain Tricks To Fool Your Friends

– I hate brain tricks. God (bleep) it. What is this? Witchery? – Just one more, just one more. This alliteration might fool some people. Ask someone, “What is the word spelled S-H-O-P?” What is the word spelled S-H-O-P? – Shop. – Shop. – Then ask them, “What do you do “when you come to…

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DécouVRez : 3dRudder + THE WIZARDS Enhanced Edition (PSVR) | PS4 Pro | VR Singe

Hi everyone welcome to this video of The Wizards, the Enhanced Edition who arrives March 12, 2019 on PC and PlayStation VR. It should be sold 24.99 euros. Today I play with the 3dRudder at my feet but do not worry the game is fully playable without, you can play directly with the PlayStation Move,…

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Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja the Battery Man

Hi. Internet showed me another miracle man called Biba Struja. He started from humble beginnings. (At first glance, you would never…) He could hold live wires, and cook sausage with electricity holding wires, and set fire by sending electricity through his body. Later, he cooked more sausages and set more things on fire and also…

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The 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

What’s up guys Lew here back with another video. …and… This is a little different. It’s a 3D L.E.D. lamp from “Liuyao’s bosom”. I saw this on Amazon and I was like, “That!” “I need that!” Look at this thing. Some kind of 3 dimensional lamp… …projection Could it be the coolest thing ever? It’s…

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5 Optical Illusions That Will Trick Your Eyes #1 | Only A True Genius Can Solve | FactoFusion

When you see an illusion, what’s your first reaction? you either like it or you hate it but it sort of becomes quite difficult to get away from it That’s because illusions have been there around us for centuries And every now and then, some or the other video or a photo comes our way…

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