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The Carbonaro Effect – No-Slip Tray Defies Gravity (Extended Reveal) | truTV

♪♪ [ High-pitched voice ] I’m a tiny little man with a big demonstration! Come and see the new stove! [ Normal voice ] Ah! Stove. -May I help you? -No, I’m just looking around. Well, if you’re shopping today, you get this for free. You don’t even have to buy anything. -Well, how cool…

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The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Magic 3D Cat | truTV

All right, so you know we shot an entire day at the movie theater’s candy counter, but what you didn’t know is that I tried another trick in the lobby that never aired. So for the first time, I’ll give you a sneak peak at the latest technology in cardboard movie displays. The print the…

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The Carbonaro Effect – The After Effect: Episode 508 (Web Chat) | truTV

Hello, it’s Michael Carbonaro here. Welcome to “The After Effect.” Thank you for watching the newest episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” I’ve got your questions right here. Thanks for writing these in. I’m just going to start to answer ’em. So, here they come. I got a question here from Dayna who says, “Do you…

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The Carbonaro Effect – Select-a-Season Shirt | truTV

♪♪ ♪♪ Welcome to the thrift shop. Our top shelf is glasses and necklaces. Next shelf down is our nightmare inducers! Oh, we just got these back. This was a hit. You remember these — the Select-A-Season shirts? What does it do? You know, it’s a T-shirt, and it has this kind of inner lining…

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The Carbonaro Effect – Dishwasher in a Pill (Extended Reveal) | truTV

How you doing today? I’m doing good. Yeah. It’s pretty hot out. It is so hot. We just got a whole bunch of — Can you believe they give them to us like this from the restaurant? So dirty, and we’re gonna sell them, but I got to — At least they gave them to…

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The Carbonaro Effect – Popcorn Topiary (Extended Reveal) | truTV

♪♪ Look it. I know what you’re thinking. “Who’s Clark?” Ha, ha! Poor guy. We’re working at Nuts on Clark. Large kettle-corn order, right? That’s gonna be on the way out. -Okay, perfect. -Awesome. Yeah, I was just trying out the new static-charge salts. -Ball? -That says “Ball.” Yeah, they have… a little bit of…

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The Carbonaro Effect – The After Effect: Episode 506 (Web Chat) | truTV

♪♪ Hey. What’s up? It’s Michael Carbonaro. Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” I am loving this season, and I’m loving that you’re watching it, and I’m loving that you’re here now, in “The After Effect,” where I answer your questions about the episode. Thank you for writing questions in….

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The Carbonaro Effect – Mouth-Ground Salt (Extended Reveal) | truTV

Alright. Some thyme. Oh, three things of thyme. You got it. Yeah, just three things of thyme. That’s it. Great. Yeah. I was just doing some tastings over here, too. Oh, sick. Yo, you mind if I try one of those? Yeah, sure. Well, I’m gonna salt them first. Oh, let’s do it. Okay. It’s…

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The Carbonaro Effect – Redactor Goes Haywire (Extended Reveal) | truTV

♪♪ Ooh! Look at this fancy hidden camera. How can I look at it if it’s hidden? What? Magic bookshop. Michael: Hey, how are you doing? Good. How are you? Doing great. Okay. “House of Blessings.” Yeah. Nice book. Bottle & Bottega. Alright, does it have a — We have this sale today. We have…

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The Carbonaro Effect – Icy Spicy | truTV

♪♪ -Hey, what’s up? -Not much. How are you? Good. Awesome. Just like to get that. Oh, yeah. Just this stuff? Mm-hmm. Nice. Whole cloves. Oh, yeah. Oh, we have a new spice, too. Here. Icy spicy. If you’re interested? Oh, wow. What is it for? Well, so many foods have — you know, we…

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