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Sioux City’s ‘Magic Man’ Corey Fravel performs at Betty Strong Encounter Center

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The Wizard of Oz – Sweded

– DOROTHY: Scene four, take one. [CLAPPERBOARD CLAPPING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] ♪ Somewhere over the rainbow, Way up high ♪ [WIND SOUND] Argh! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [GASPS] Give me back my slippers! I’m the only one who knows how to use them! They’re of no use to you. [SHOUTS] Give them back! Give them back! Ooh! But…

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Colin Farrell on Working with the ‘Magic’ Tim Burton on ‘Dumbo’

Talk about Dumbo. Let’s talk about the movie. Oh, yeah. So the original was– what was the original about, and what is this about? The original was– this is very much about the same thing the original is about. The original is about a baby elephant born into a circus, and the baby elephant is…

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I met Tim from Grand Illusions.

That’s very surreal!

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GOLDEN SHOW – Street Magic

Few years ago, a new trend from the US appeared in the streets of our cities : STREET MAGIC. – Come closer… Wanna see some magic? Great. Form a circle around me. Amoung those new illusionists, one is on every headlines : Tim Fisker a step backwards please… Tim Fisker’s levitation illusion has become a…

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