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Magical Weapons | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[Angelique] Hi I’m Angelique. Watch Marvel make me a hero. I am an over-50 wellness influencer. Most of my followers are between the ages of 25 and 44. They tell me that I give them hope to not look a certain way over 50. So it’s been very positive, very flattering, and I feel like…

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Magic and Empathy | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Charo. Watch Marvel make me a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING] I always wanted to be a writer. And then when I started college, one of my classes was a seminar. And every week we had to go to the newspaper. And once I went into that newsroom, I knew that that was…

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Generator Capacitor Replacement – I Put the Magic Smoke Back In!

all right this old capacitor based generator at the suggestion of another youtuber I’m going ahead and replacing the capacitor I will say that I believe this capacitor is a done. it’s melted I glanced at it the other day I didn’t notice the melting but I ran it for a good oh four hours…

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Yardbless Pro Shooter – Magic Lantern 2.3

Hi, here we have a Canon T3i with the newest version of Magic Lantern installed… let’s see what’s new in it. Version 2.3 of this popular hack was released to the public… free of charge on August 13th. According to its makers it’s the most stable release so far. Let’s see some of its most…

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Is your wallet always empty? Do you never win the lottery? Do you want to have your own money making machine? Well this is the time! I will show you how to make one! Coming up! Welcome to my YouTube channel GreenEyedExplorer, where I explore further and beyond about tricks, hacks, electronics and house repairs….

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