[T:TIME] Let’s talk about HUENINGKAI’s magic island teaser – TXT (투모로우바이투게더)

I’ll give you a bit more [Talking about HUENING’s MAGIC ISLAND teaser] Um, don’t watch it… [Talking about HUENING’s MAGIC ISLAND teaser] [Embarrassed about his teaser] SOOBIN saw it and laughed [Embarrassed about his teaser] Siren flash flash, AHHH!! I laughed there too I mean, it was so red and I went– screaming, I kind…

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ENG SUB | 191119 Talking About Behind The Scene of MAGIC ISLAND MV

“SOOBIN is so handsome”. SOOBIN? “Handsome”. I’m always amazed by how fast the comments are coming up. Why don’t you copy that? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. – Hello. – Hi. – Hi. – Hello. “Cute”. It’s for me. I know it, everyone. “SOOBIN is so handsome”. I just pulled my hair up but my forehead…

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【To ; morrow_中字】TXT (투모로우바이투게더) – ‘Magic Island’ Official MV (更正CC)

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[ENG SUBS] TXT ‘Magic Island’ Official MV Reaction | I’M GOING TO DIE!! | TXT Reaction

Section 1: The Practice Room Ghost This is the story of five boys searching for the star’s song Though the boys met again, they couldn’t have known yet why the met, what they’ll have to find what they have to remember. the star hasn’t opened it’s eyes yet. and the path ahead of the boys…

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TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Magic Island’ Official MV

Even the stars are asleep tonight The river so familiar and yet so strange Crossing the ashen gray city Have you been waiting for me alone Our clumsy promises and a little secret began on the little island Remember? The song of your and my star In it, we were stars The melody that sparkled…

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER Announce New Album ‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ | Billboard News

We’ve got new music on the way from TOMORROW X TOGETHER. On Tuesday, the Big Hit Entertainment group announced their next studio album, ‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ is dropping October 21st. The project, which tells the second story of the guys chasing their dreams, was unveiled via a sparkling motion graphic video on Big Hit’s…

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