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ANGRY TEEN AUDITIONS…Don’t Mess With These Kids!

honey don’t start to work in my name is holy Victoria I’m not eating I’m from Wakefield how many were accepted because every like good I really sitting properly anywhere but I know the place I will really fit just on stairs just thinking my passions what I love to do or not can do…

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Auditions Gone WRONG! EPIC FAIL Compilation! | Top Talent

can we can lead to teleport without you me no I can’t okay to save me no your home please presume I live where I hung gazes Josep attend an elite Romo you all know stone I’m only nine young solar so here this OH Oh Caitlyn to live a day without you the little…

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America’s Got Talent MAGICIAN SMASHES NICK CANNON’S $250,000 WATCH | Collins Key

– The last time, I kind of like, I tried to use magic to get a girlfriend. – They said central park. – Central park. – Oh my God. – Thank you so much. – [Collins] I think something went a little bit amiss in the magic last time, because I guess she had a…

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BEST Auditions From America’s Got Talent 2017 | Top Talents

I Like flowers because they remind me of how beautiful life is But also very fragile, and that’s why every second counts In the grand Scheme of things life happens in blink of an eye, so for the next few moments Don’t blink Are you ready? Yeah? I’m already hit what you’re gonna see. Oh…

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how are you I’m Luis codling hello Luis where are you from I’m a London boy 27 I’m just singing oh you’re thinking to say okay brilliant good luck funny Sonora I’m so clever the way you did that Lewis that was brilliant are you actually having me fooled yeah you’re a very good actor…

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TOP 5 BEST Magician Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

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The Best Top 7 AMAZING Auditions | America’s Got Talent 2017

LAURA I LOVE YOU LAURA I LOVE YOU LAURA I LOVE YOU Офигеть Не грусти Это слёзы? ты правда молодец Это опасна Офигеть Не удевляйся Проблемы? Офигеть XD Это было круто давайте потдержим ребят за старание они взорвали мне мозг ДАВАЙ ДАВАЙ ДАВАЙ XD Это было взрывное шоу ;( XD Простите мой англиский не такой…

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