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I’d love to snap my fingers and become….| Family Feud Canada

Fill in the blank. I’d love to snap my fingers and become blank. [answer button rings] Giuliana: A magician. Gerry: Show me “magician!” [buzzer sounds] Vivian: Rich. Gerry: Show me “rich!” [cheering/applause] [bell dings] [cheering] Gerry: Pass or play? Vivian: Gonna play, Gerry. Gerry: They’re gonna play. I want to talk to you about why…

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This musical illusion will blow your mind!

Hey its Andrew Huang (Clap) I don’t put blow your mind in my video titles very lightly actually I don’t think I’ve ever done it before I wanna talk about a Psycho-Acoustic Phenomenon I came across several years ago that really did blow my mind and I figured It was time that I shared that…

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Magicians get their minds read in Bryn Mawr, PA. The Evasons Mentalist Duo at Magic Camp.

Is this a special occasion? Or is this just a get-together? It’s a celebration. Oh, is it a celebration? It’s an accomplishment that has occurred, right? Yes! Yes. Is it true? Yes. I believe it’s because of the success that comes from graduating. Oh my god! (crowd laughs and claps) I’ve never asked you any…

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Messing up Magic on LIVE TV!

– [Chris] See? – [Host] Oh my god. (both laughing) – How is that possible? (psychedelic house music) (driving, bass-heavy music) – I just got to the underground parking lot in downtown Montreal. I’m going to, trynna find City TV where Breakfast Television is being shot, and I have no idea where the address is,…

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Siri Does a MAGIC TRICK!

– Excuse me? – Yeah, what`s up, man? – Hi, how is it going? – I`m, uhh.. – I wanna, I`m – You ever lost your headphones inside your phone? – No – This is a.. – Standart problem for magicians – You can see it`s really inside my phone – But, as a magician,…

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Learn The Credit Card Magic Trick

– What’s up guys? Welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for tuning in, and today I have a very special treat for you. I know a lot of you were waiting on a tutorial, and I was working very closely with a good friend of mine to bring you something very special….

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