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Zero Density at VivaTech 2019 with Green Wizard

What does Green Wizard offer today at Vivatech from TF1 Media Lab booth? We have asked by TF1 to reconstruct their news set in a virtual set, a natural set. In order for the start-up partners and acquisitions of the TF1 Group can pitch their activities from a virtual news room environment. What is the…

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How ads follow you around the internet

This website for jeans just saved a cookie onto my browser. That’s it — a string of letters and numbers that form a unique ID to help the site remember me The sites you visit do this too — that’s what all those pop-ups are telling you. Cookies actually make our online world possible. But…

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How to Make Money Selling Analytics Services

Now I’ve been a freelancer selling analytics services for a while. And today I want to give you my tips on what to sell and how to make money with your analytics skills. All and more come up. Hey there welcome back to another video of measureschool.com. Teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing….

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