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How to Make a Perfect Getaway! (DIY Smoke Distraction) | D.I.SPY

– Hi, I’m Kaiden. – And I’m Izzy. Say, Kaiden, what’s on your face? – Oh, this? Well, I’m spying on a farm so I thought I’d wear this to blend in. – But you don’t have pig ears, and pigs don’t wear clothes. I think you’re gonna be spotted pretty quickly. – Maybe you’re…

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How to Decode a Secret Message! (DIY Decoder) | D.I.SPY

– Hello and welcome to our one-of-a-kind spy show. I’m agent in training Double-O Izzy and with me as always is Caden codename: Honor roll. – This is a show where we show you how to craft your very own gadgets for all your spy needs. – The assignment is to decode these two secret…

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