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Transition Wizard for SmartSHOW 3D – Complete Guide

In this video, we’ll show you how to work with Transition Wizard and make your own transition effects. For a start, let’s create a simple 3D transition. While on the Transitions tab, click Create own transitions – that’s the green plus icon at the bottom. The program will open Transition Wizard in a new window….

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EDITING MAGIC – A Ball Illusion in PREMIERE PRO (by Kevin Parry)

Presenter’s voice: “Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Copy Cat Friday, the most unoriginal show on the Internet, as everything we do is copied. Can we have a big applause for editing magician Jordy Vandeput!” [Clapping sounds] [Coughing sounds] [Dramatic music fades in] -Boo! Boo! [Cinecom’s Intro music] Well, hello there! My name is Jordy for…

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Victoria Elizabeth, the transgender magician from Newham – Londoner #25

I first started getting in to magic when I was a little kid. Paul Daniels was on telly at the time so I used to get magic books from the book club at school. When I decided to become a magician, I largely wanted to become that lady there in this lovely white dress with…

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