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Magic Water Cup Tricks Your Mind

Real quick, before this video starts, let me know in the comments if you guys like grape flavoured things or don’t. Appearently, like, it’s a pretty big debate Hey, what’s up guys, Keaton here, so I picked up this weird product – that’s my YouTube Channel, if you didn’t know – and basically, what it…

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How Magicians Trick Your Brain

What! So I saw a magic show a few weeks ago and it was so good. I was totally bamboozled and it got me thinking about how magicians trick your brain and the psychology of deception. So we’re back, visiting the same magician with a camera and all of you to explore some brain magic….

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Try These 5 Tactile Illusions

– Today, we’re gonna blow your mind with tactile illusions you can do at home. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – It’s time that you faced the fact that the world is a dark and chaotic place and your body can’t be trusted. – Oh my goodness. You’re talking…

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