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How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard

JUSTIN VAN ZANDT: My name is Justin from the YMCA on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to teach you how to kickflip which is one of your most basic tricks that you’re going to need to learn before you start moving on to more advanced tricks. For the first step, you’re…

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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Learn More Rope Magic

Hi everybody, let me give you some more information about where to learn more about rope magic. Now, there are a bunch of really good videos out there. If you are dealing with a professional magic supplier you could look for videos by a magician named Daryl who did a lot of stuff on rope…

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10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions

(dramatic music) 10 Mind-Blowing optical illusions Flat third dimension. Nothing appears abnormal about this Rubik’s Cube until you realize it is a two-dimensional image. This illusion is created with a distorted perspective of an image that requires to be viewed at a specific vantage point to create the 3D effect. This is the same method…

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Best Zach King Vine Magic Compilation of all time

Ryan! We got to go! Ryan! There you are. -What are you doing, man? -I’ve been looking for you. It’s perfect. No! No! If you kick a soccer ball just right… You get a puppy! C’mon! Gah! Woah woah WAHHH Innovative suits. Zach, can you take a spin for us? Here we go! Woaaah! C’mon…

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Can Your Eyes Beat These Optical Illusions?

*electronic music with heavy beat* Hey guys let’s talk about optical illusions. Optical illusions are a fun way to see the difference between how our brain perceives the world, and how the world actually looks. In other words optical illusions are your brain f***ing up. Now here’s a question for you. Which square is darker?…

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TOP 10 Magnet Science Experiments & Tricks from Mr. Hacker!

nice 10 Awesome Tricks with magnets *Chink* *Clink again* *Loud bang* *Matches’ Flame hissing* *Matches’ Flame hissing again* *The small steel balls in the person’s right hand making a crinkling noise* *The small steel balls making a slapping sound when drawn together* *Continued noises when being slapped against the other magnet* *The sound of the…

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Welcome dear friends of model pilot.EU today for the review of the CG so. The cables are a bit stubborn, but we should has 2.90 m hull length and the suspension would be quasi and we are at the same advantage. These machines are very light, the can we measure, we know that the focus…

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Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

it’s a banger woow get in intro music tall guy beard twin purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twin purple hoser now our heading on to overtime we have a great show for you guys today to brand new segment two segment yo know in lover first lets get ’em the giveaway…

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Balancing Matchstick Trick

Good morning my friends! I’m back today with a cool little trick that traces back to my childhood. Now a lot of you have probably seen this done before, I’m doing this video for those of you who haven’t. It’s really simple , it’s really fun, and honestly it’s something you can go try right…

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How to Create the Perfect Ponytail | Tips and Tricks

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