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ベイブレード神業 クリスマス編 | KAMIWAZA (Beyblade Trick Shots Christmas Edition)

Dear Santa Claus. Please give me a beyblade. OK! Let’s Go Excalibur!! Let’s go!! Hello We are KAMIWAZA. Welcome to Beyblade Tricks Christmas Edition! Let’s go!! I will show the reindeer’s jumping power! Reindeer big jump shot! Oh. Pain. painful. Merry Christmas! Hey Santa! You dropped present! You dropped Santa! What are you doing? Lol…

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oh yeah Sharer’s what is going on welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome day we’re riding the hoverboard I’m really bad at these okay well anyways we wanted to unbox new things I think it’s finally time to open these yeah we’ve been talking about these for a while you guys have been…

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Shield Trick Shots | Captain America (ft. Avengers)

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Trick life 2

TIA: Give me. SEAN: Very good! A basket! Save, this one for you. CHEERS! Oh no … Hi guysss! This is Trick life 2! we hope you enjoyed our video. comment below, pick a like and let us know which trick you liked the most! subscribe our channel if u haven’t done it yet! Follow…

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Scoring 18 HOLE-IN-ONES *Mini Golf Trick Shots* | That’s Amazing

yeah one hole down I haven’t heard Matthew yet they got their first hole-in-one I heard them all cheer I don’t know if I can get this so this is my caddy drew what club should I use they’re going a whole sixteen massive loop and I’ve got a plan for this one this is…

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ベイブレード神業 ハロウィン編 | KAMIWAZA (Beyblade Burst Trick Shots Halloween Edition)

Que paso wey! We are Kamiwaza Welcome to Beyblade Trickshots Halloween Edition Let’s go! Halloween Tornado Serpensortia Everyone hurry Oh! It’s Dementor! Do you know the spell that defeats Dementor? 3 … 2 … 1 … Expecto patronum Let’s go! Expecto patronum Did you see it? I am Harry Potter! Oh! Sorry! I will be…

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Football trick shots!!

Triple woodwood challenge

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Card Throwing Trick Shots 2 | That’s Amazing

the long-distance car throw so this next shot is super complicated it took so long to set up I’m gonna throw the ball through the club have it roll down the ramp it doesn’t cross over this gap I’ve got a throw card hit the payphone ball bounced over onto this one and into the…

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