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Nietzsche — We Are Living in an Illusion

>Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions. — Nietzsche, On Truth and Lie in a Nonmoral Sense Are we living in a lie? I look out of my window and see two orange trees. Orange trees: one concept, two entities. In reality, they’re not the same. One has 203 leaves and the other…

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Is our world an illusion?

Hi, I’m Marc Gielissen. If you appreciate my work. then please subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell. We could ask ourselves if the world in which we live is just an illusion, some will just call it the matrix. In my book “Awakening Consciousness” I explain how we are influenced by our…

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The Illusion of Truth

Research has shown that, if you’re repeatedly exposed to the phrase: “The body temperature of a chicken.” That’s right. “The body temperature of a chicken.” Even if no useful information is given about the body temperature of a chicken, you are more likely to judge as true this statement: “the body temperature of a chicken…

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WIZARD 30 Jahre Defenders Of Metal, Band-Dokumentation Teil 5

WIZARD 30 Years Defenders Of Metal In 2009, WIZARD enters the studio with two guitarists for the first time. The signs are very good. The lyrics are once again inspired by the legends of the Germanic gods and the sound is refined by none other than Achim Köhler. I just wanted to have an album…

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The illusion of identity

The Illusion of Identity Sometimes people say I’m not always conscious that I am this you see? Like, quite often, my attention goes and then I forget, that I am this. And it troubles them. They want to say: I want to be consciously conscious of who I am all the time. But when we…

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The definition of an illusion

When we perceive things and we start to create a model of reality based on our perception. Then, it leads to, Something that’s not truth. Ok? So truth is something that is eternal, and it will always be there. Right? And if I perceive a goal. And i, perceive that this goal is worthy of…

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The Untold Truth Of Magic Eraser

Our world is full of remarkable innovations. And Magic Eraser is one of them. Yes, we’ve sent humans to walk on the moon and we have robots rolling around Mars, but Magic Eraser can get permanent marker off your walls! Here’s the untold truth of Magic Eraser. While it looks like some kind of sponge,…

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[Questioner] I read that Papaji said, ‘The best meditation is just to keep quiet’. [Mooji] Yes. And next thing you said? [Q.] But you said you use thoughts. [music] Illusion is Illusion [Mooji] I’m always talking to that intelligence that understands. You have to be flexible. If you’re gonna go with a linear instruction, then…

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Picture Perfect- Fifi Bey Verse (OFFICIAL) Snippet

Picture Perfect Fifi Bey (OFFICIAL) Snippet Directed by: Magic City Monopoly TV

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Salman Rushdie on Magical Realism: True Stories Don’t Tell the Whole Truth

Stories don’t have to be true, you know. That by including elements of the fantastic or elements of fable or mythological elements or fairytale or just pure make believe you can actually start getting at the truth in a different way. It’s another door into the truth. And that’s why I think the thing that…

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