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Instant Changing Card Magic Trick

Magic is here, baby :3

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INSTANT JUMP – Card Trick Tutorial | TheRussianGenius

Hello guys, and this is TheRussianGenius and i’m gonna be showing you something pretty cool Pretty interesting that you have probably seen David Blaine do you and other magicians as well? This is actually quite cool, and you can use this in a lot of different ways. Now This is a trick where first of…

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THE SPRING classic card flourish magic trick tutorial

hi there are you lovers of magical entertainment and welcome to the fifth tutorial in the series the five most valuable flourishes in cap magic we complete the series today with the tutorial on the cat springs that’s right but before we get started please let me introduce you to a rocking amazing cat magic…

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Magic School Lesson 10 – Trick and Tutorial (Zaubertricks mit Auflösung) – Tricks Revealed

For this trick we take a locked card deck, an empty frame and a silk. Put out the deck of cards and show that they are mixed well. Select a card by saying “stop”. Lock the deck again so that the chosen card can not escape. Let the card disappear from the locked card deck…

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Card APPEARS in your POCKET! – Magic Tutorial

(light cheerful music) – Yo, yo, yo! What’s going on, everybody? Alex Pandrea, here, back with another video. In today’s video, I’m excited about this one because I’m going to teach you guys one of my favorite routines with a deck of cards and it’s one of the first things that I do when I…

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6 Coin Magic Tricks Revealed

rub the coin and it looks like it just magically bends take the quarter wave if I just wave… (whoa! no way!) so take the coin… stuff it in… watch… 1… 2… 3! take the card… and change it! watch 1, 2, 3… (gasp) all we have to do is just roll over the bill……

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Visual COIN TRICK – TUTORIAL | TheRussianGenius

What’s up guys this is the Russian genius and welcome to this video in this video I’m gonna be showing you a pretty cool coin trick if that is quite easier to do and it looks also quite amazing Here’s what it looks like. We have a coin. I’m going to grab the coin just…

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10 Simple Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do!

Red blue blue white How to do magic with ava I am your host Evan Aaron today, my daughter Ava, and I are showing you 10 simple magic tricks that anyone can do So almost too easy, so if you’re ready hit that thumbs up button for me unless no okay This is an easy…

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