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Deadtime Stories S01E03 Little Magic Shop of Horrors

Both: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! Ready or not. Here we come. Where is she? Boo! [ laughs ] [ both scream ] what, did you guys think I disappeared or something? Boy: uh-huh. All right, are you ready for a Deadtime Story? Yeah, what do you have for us this time? This one is…

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Um, Actually: Make-Up, Maps, and Mythical Dragons

– Joining us today we have Shane Crown. – Good afternoon. – Siobhan Thompson. – Good evening. – And Brennan Lee Mulligan. – Good luck. – I’ve here a stack of false statements about the properties that you love or some other nerds somewhere love. It’s up to you to find the thing that’s wrong…

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Um, Actually: Bigger, Longer, and Wronger [Full Episode]

(upbeat jingle) – From Aragorn to Aragog, nerds are passionate about a lot of things. But there’s something they love above all else. That is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (peppy music) Joining us today, Ally Beardsley. – Hey. – Adam Conover. – Hello. – [Host] And Alice Wetterlund. (laughs) – Now the game…

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Patches: 13-Year-Old Shocks Audience With Rap Original – America’s Got Talent 2018

Welcome to America’s Got Talent. Thank you. Yeah. You’re welcome. What is your name? I’m patches and how old are you patches? I’m 13 years old. Oh, and where are you from? I’m from Portsmouth New Hampshire, what are you gonna be doing for us this season? I’m going to be doing an original song…

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The Halloween Special (Miniseries Animated Pilot)

I love Halloween. Who doesn’t love a holiday based on satanic creatures? Christians. Hey look! A haunted house! Imagine the kind of candy they’d have. Or the kind of KNIVES. Looks like a murderer house. Now I really want to go in. Yeah, come on lads. *SATANIC DOORBELL NOISE * Chloe passed me the eggs…

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Sophie Fatu: The CUTEST 5-Year-Old Audition Ever! | America’s Got Talent 2018

Heidi: Hi! Tyra: So so cute! Heidi: Hi there! Sophie: Hi! Heidi: Oh hi! (crowd awing) Howie: Oh my god! Heidi: Will you tell us your name? Sophie: I’m Sophie Fatu Heidi: Sophie, tell me how old are you? Sophie: Five Heidi: And where do you come from? Sophie: I live in Charles Town West…

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Now You See Me 2 – Rain Scene (2016) HD

I guess you found me. We’ve got a said spot. Okay, everybody. We’re getting a pattern Give me two 13 and 21 freeze that and zoom in Hell did this happen? He’s dead. We watched him drown How the hell did this happen? Given that it did happen the pertinent question is what are we…

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The FULL Results: Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Semi-Final 2 WHO’S THROUGH?

Like it’s time to find out who is going through to the final it welcome back all it up. They are Yeah Sorry gossip Yeah great Now a [2ax] will make it through to the final tonight We have had one and a half million thoughts which have been counted unverified now We’re going to…

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Simon Cowell STORMS Off After Terry Crews Joins Flute Stripping Act | America’s Got Talent 2019

You are the baddest mofo Flautists that we’ve ever seen but I think on this night it was not exactly good night I just don’t know why that instrument was invented No, I’m not being rude. I Just can’t think of anyone who would buy a flute records ever We used to have to play…

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The Sacred Riana: Mel B ESCAPES Creepy Girl Magician After HORROR Act! | America’s Got Talent 2018


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