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Laughing How do you spell yes What? Yes, all right now and each the front. How do you say that word? Yes If you dive correctly you make your opponent concede Well played come on come on I’m dabbing on him I did I do something wrong thing my angling on my right hand was…

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Exclusive Sneak Peek at the ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel

– So, tWitch, in a few more weeks, we are gonna get to see you in the sequel to “Magic Mike.” That is exciting. [cheers and applause] – Yeah. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] Yep, really exciting. [cheers and applause] – You play one of the dancers… – I do, I do. – And,…

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An Incredible iPhone Illusion

Do you have your cellphone on you, Ellen? I wanna try something a bit bigger. You have a cellphone on you?>>I do not. >>You do not.>>When I’m working I don’t- >>Twitch, you have a cellphone we could use?>>I do. >>Come on over here. Ellen, let’s do this with Twitch’s phone. >>He’s waiting for a baby…

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Road to Wizard World Con | State Farm®

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CS:GO With Jerald The Wizard – Rev [Vinesauce]

[Rev speaks in an old man’s voice] Jerald: Hello! Jerald here, I’m a wizard! Where are going? Player A: [laughs] “Em…” Player B: “You sound like my childhood.” Jerald: Old? What? Let me tell you a story! Once upon a time, there was a boy who very much wanted to be a wizard! Shut up,…

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Welcome Heroes of the Internet my name is Nelsonjav and I’m going to be your host for today I actually have a stream so, maybe but just maybe I get to be your host another day so let me show you a little bit about my stream and about what happens there you will see…

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Critical Role Panel @ Wizard World, Portland (Day 1)

(cheering, applause) MATT: This is a lot of people. Before we begin, just want to let you guys know a large part of this panel is a Q&A. We do have a microphone right up here in front, so if you have a question you want to ask, line up now so we can get…

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Revisiting the Legend of Dragoon [Part 17 – Magician Faust, Final Video!]

*Meant to use Soul Eater/Therapy Ring combo with Dart but that would’ve almost made it too easy.

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Tolarian Winds: Pauper comes to Paper! A Magic: The Gathering vlog

Huh, so these are clear, but also matte? Dragon Shield mattes that are transparent very interest- oh, hello! You know, my very first ‘Tolarian Winds’ was a call to grow the garden that is Pauper: the best budget the best budget format in Magic: the Gathering Pauper is a format I have covered extensively over…

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Jon Dorenbos Maps Out an Incredible Magic Trick!

Hi! Awesome. How are you? How are you feeling? Oh, man. Great day to be alive, huh? It is! Yes! Yeah, wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. You look good. Thank you. You look good. You look amazing as always. Thank you so much. I’d like to know what’s going to happen, so– I’m ready to rock. What…

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