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The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

(spooky music) (blood splattering) (woman screaming) (door bell rings) – [Snapchat Ghost] Trick or treat? – Oh happy Halloween Snapchat! Costume’s a little on the nose. – [Snapchat Ghost] I’m a ghost! – Yeah, you sure are. And I see Instagram’s here too. – [Instagram Ghost] I’m a ghost! – I can see that, yeah….

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Temple, Magic and City Lights – Benno Six magic #10

Take it out incredible Welcome to Japan

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(man) Hey guys, tell me what the frick WTF means. (Ian) Shut up! Was this just uploaded? Yeah. Dude, come on, type “thumbs up if you’re the 306th viewer.” Why? Uh, because people thumbs it up and we can brag to our friends when it gets top-rated. Okay, but what’s the point? I mean, I…

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CANDACE: Welcome back to SourceFed it’s a slow news day. I’m Candace Carrizales. AVA: And I’m Ava Gordy. CANDACE: C’mon everybody! Get on your feet! I can’t hear you!!!! Who want’s to talk about irrelevant magicians?! AVA: *silence* CANDACE: Ava. AVA: Oh me. I do. CANDACE: Great. It all started in May. Wait can we…

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