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Blow-Dart Gun | Magic Trick

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How a Magician gets a Girl’s Number | Magic Trick

(audience laughing) – Totally, oh my God. I need to borrow someone, who has a, nope. They’re all empty, okay. All right, I’m gonna go with a trick then. I need someone with an iPhone, let’s go for a 6. 6 plus might be too big for what I wanna do. Who’s got a 6?…

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Nipple Science | Explaining Quantum Physics with Magic

– Hi, I’m Wes Barker. Let’s talk about quantum physics. Things at the quantum level, they don’t react the same way they do in our day to day life, and that makes them kinda hard to think about. For example, the grandfather of all quantum experiments is the double-slit experiment. Simply put, in life size,…

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Appearing BEER in Underwear | Magic Trick

– And it’s gonna be very exciting. So this is the most impossible circumstances the tricks ever been performed in, and I want you guys to be the first to see it, you know? Alright, the appearing beer trick. Here we go. (audience cheering) Yes! (audience clapping) Thank you! (audience laughing and applauding) Oh yeah,…

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BLINDFOLDED Axe-Throwing Magic Trick!!

♫ Wes ♫ Just Wes ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Wes ♫ Give me more ♫ Give me Wes ♫ North, East, South, and Wes – Hey guys! Guess what. We’re gonna do a card trick, but it’s gonna involve a tomahawk and a blindfold. Basically, you’re gonna pick a card, I’m gonna put…

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How I get PHONE NUMBERS… Don’t even need the MAGIC TRICK!

– I’m gonna get a girl’s phone number before I even do a trick. You can do it too. – [Women] What? ♪ Wes ♪ (screaming and laughing) ♪ Yeah, Wes ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah, yeah, y-yeah Wes ♪ (screams) What’s up, YouTube? Okay! Is that enough energy, is that enough energy for you…

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TOTAL Strangers Kiss | Magic Trick

– And no one can predict the future except for maybe us right now. Let’s try that one more time. Let’s try something here. (audience laughs) Predict the future. I’m gonna find a dude. I’m gonna go this way real quick. Looking down and away is a great way to get picked. (audience laughs) All…

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Wrapping 2 dudes in plastic // Magic Trick

– [Speaker] Alright, everybody up here. However you wanna get up here, here we go. Any guy volunteering himself has had one too many. (Audience laughs) I respect it, okay fellas, most guys when they do like predictions, like most magicians they do predictions, they’ll hang them from the ceiling, they’ll put them in boxes…

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Naked Magic by Wes Barker (watch her VANISH at the end)

(rock music) (audience applauding) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Wes Barker. (audience applauding) (audience whistling) – What? Oh! Wes you’re the greatest! Thank you. You’re my hero! Oh my god thank you. A couple…hey. Someone close by, how about you? You look quite brave. How are you? Good. Sitting quietly in the first…

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Celebrity/Boomerang Magic Trick

– Ahhh. (applause) I’m actually happy ’cause, um, I don’t catch that all the time. So this is really good. Off to a good start. It’s like, I can tell. You weren’t scared, right? You weren’t scared. He’s already shakin’ his head. You’re not scared. You’re lettin’ me throw a boomerang over you, thinking I…

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