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Copy the money from computer

Let’s go today it’s your turn Um…I forget to bring money May I borrow? Oh my God I will return back to you now

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Motion Control – Filmmaking with optical illusions & layers of time – tutorial MDEpicEpisodeS2E01

Let’s do this… Today we are going to let heads roll using some amazing technology On our endeavour to bring you filmmaking knowledge and to entertain you at the same time we found some new friends, that are going to help us create some awesome things. I’m here at the studios of the marmalade it’s…

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Living With A Planeswalker | Magic: the Gathering

(jaunty music) (crashing) (roaring) (grunting) (dramatic music) (laughing) Guys! It’s 2:00 in the morning. Knock it off! I’m sorry, I’m still on Ravnica time. My bad. (whooshing) Unbelievable. I said I’m sorry. Said I’m sorry. (whooshing) (flies buzzing) Oh wow, werewolves. And vampires. I really have gotta check this plane out. Hey man, the dishes…

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Removing Objects for Creative Effects: Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion

– [Mary] Hi, I’m Mary Poplin with Boris FX, and today, I’m gonna show you how to turn this shot into this shot. (playful techno music) We’re going to use the Remove module to take the talent out of this shot, and then we’re going to use Particle Illusion to put her back in at…

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Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK

Greetings children, it’s me, Captain Disillusion Here’s a fun trick you can try at home time travel to the 1920s and get a silk handkerchief and stuff it into your hand like this And poof, it’s gone. as you probably know the secret is a fake thumb tip which serves as misdirection for the tiny…

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Rendering 3200% faster. One simple trick

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The Wizards of Aus (2016) || Official Trailer

[ MONTAGE ] [ DRAGON ROAR ] JACK: That’s a fucking bummer. [ LOGO: LATENITE FILMS ] JACK: Figured I was done with that place and I just need to find somewhere rational to live. MORGAN WRIGHT: And so that why you migrated to Melbourne is it? JACK: Footscray has cheap rent, but anywhere in…

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Playing for Keeps – Anime Crimes Division S1, Ep. 2 (ft. Motoki Maxted)

Do I hear 38? $38,000? Do I hear 38? 38? Yes! The gentleman with the elf ears in the middle! $38,000. Do I hear 39? 39? Do I hear 39? Yes! Miss in the back! $39,000. Do I hear 40? Yes – $40,000. Going once, going twice… Sold to the gentleman in the mask and…

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Trick Shots (ft. Dude Perfect)

*Intro* We’re Dude Perfect. Cods, hit ’em with a no looker. Be glad to, here we go. Woo, nice shot. Cods, that was greatness. Garr have no fear ’cause Ty, the bow master, is here. Come on, Ty! Right in the apple! Alright Cods. Three in a row. Here we go. Number one. Number two….

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Marvel Studios’ ‘Captain Marvel’ Visual Effects Magic | Earth’s Mightiest Show

CHRISTOPHER TOWNSEND: So we literally had stunts go and rig up on our set with wires and actually had these characters being slammed around and moved. [MUSIC PLAYING] Beware my purr. My tentacles bite. I’m Lorraine. I might have fallen from space. I’m Langston. Ooh, and this is Earth’s Mightiest Show. Where we talk about…

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