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CGRundertow THE MAGICIAN’S HANDBOOK II: BLACKLORE for iPad Video Game Review

You know what I like about this game? It’s basically Peter Pan turned into a hidden object adventure. I mean, you’re saving fairies from this evil pirate. All it needs is an army of orphans and a lagoon full of mermaids. And uh, preferably Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle. Hook was a great movie. And The…

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Magical Angel Fairy Heart [v2.01] Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 3)

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Prehistoric Evil – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 9)

Woman: Previously on “Escape the Night”…So you’re stuck here just like us? You can’t do nothing. I would use my powers, but I don’t have my staff.Woman: Tension builds in the group.I’m so sorry. You think you know a bitch.Woman: And pirates invade the museum.Row faster, row faster!Woman: Joey’s wish is granted…Oh, Colleen, you’re back.Woman:…

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An update is here you guys see this an update is here Oh my gosh, and the tweets are coming through I am getting so many update notifications And the description is updated, you know, it’s a real update So in all new servers elemental wings have been released all of these made by the…

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Magic: Legends – Gameplay Trailer #1

Epic music playing… …Firey swoosh sound effect. [XBOX SOUND]

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Magic ★ Magical ★ Action Girl Gameplay Walkthrough (FULL)

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CGRundertow LEGACY OF THE WIZARD for NES Video Game Review

Back in my review of Castlequest, I used the Legend of Zelda as a kind of yardstick for world size, based on number of screens. The overworld map in Zelda: 128 screens. The castle in Castlequest: 200 screens. And not to be outdone, Legacy of the Wizard clocks in at an immense 256 screens, 16…

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The Museum of Death Part 2 – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 2)

THE COLLECTOR: Previously on Escape the Night…Joey teams up with the Society Against Evil…To enter the Museum of the Dead, we need to create a gateway to purgatory.…to save his dead friends.Go, bitches. Let’s go. What happened? Are you saying we’re stuck here? THE COLLECTOR:Even when free,their feelings about him are mixed.Are you serious? THE…

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CGR Undertow – EPIC MICKEY: POWER OF ILLUSION review for Nintendo 3DS

Remember when Disney games were awesome? Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, the Magical Quest, Darkwing Duck…it wasn’t that they were good for licensed games. These were good games, period. Great games. And it seemed like the original Epic Mickey was about to usher in a new era of awesome Disney games. It had problems, sure, but…

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Alfa Romeo 159 adventures [accelerations, off-road and some magic] Racing video game style | 4K

Loading location… Nikolas Kolis. Cars and travels Loading mission… Find teleport / Drive under a fortress / Overtake a ship +200 points / Off-road riding +300 points / No black smoke +500 points / Reaching 100 kmh +300 points / High turbo boost +2000 points / Teleportation success +200 points / Beautiful view +1200 points…

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