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Are you superior to others? Or is it an illusion? | Peter Fuda | Big Think

So perhaps the two most important lessons that about kind of discovered on this 25-year obsession in leadership and business transformation is the First is leaders. Most of our problems are self-inflicted roughly two-thirds So it’s not digital disruption. It’s not our competition. It’s not head-office. Its Leadership, which is a little too aggressive Which…

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Top 15 Scary Videos That Went TOO FAR!

15. Act of Revenge Have you ever seen some bizarre stuff at your place of work? You might have been if you work at the Hello Pizza takeaway in Liverpool, England. AUTHORITIES suspect this act of aggression was an act of revenge. I n August of 2017, a man wearing a hood tossed a box…

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Vintage TV Ads: Wizard Wick Deodorizer – 1955

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Unbelievable magic | M Kamil | kidtvpk | Comedy

Assalam Walaikum Friends I am toys scholar Muhammad Kamil Today I am going to show you a magic Which you have not seen in your whole life Name of this magic is dice magic You need a license to buy a dice magic If you bought this magic than we are not responsible for whatever…

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The Head of a Satanic Temple Explains Satanism

We do not sacrifice children. The foundation of Satanism is built upon the self and carrying out the devil’s work. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hi! My name is Zeke Apollyon and I am the chapter head for the Satanic Temple, London and UK. I think what attracted me most to Satanism,…

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Meet the Artist – Luie Da Don

Welcome back in my trap car. Thanks for coming in my trap for Louie. Come on all good. Good, bro. Oh Good I’ll just buy you a weekend a make your money making money and paying them pills That are new to my channel Louie, it’s London’s rappers we recently filmed valancy Argos flow we…

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Magic Tricks Revealed : Learn Popular Illusions Free : Four Aces Illusion Magic Tricks Revealed

Hi! I am Dave Foydel. I am here with Expert Village and I am here in this clip here to talk about how to make your friends select the four aces from a randomly shuffled deck. So all you’ll need for this trick is a deck of cards; now you can use your own or…

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Troll my friends with Magic Trick!

Hi guys, I’m Sofian with my friends at the back. now we arrived at the location we want to shoot one vfx video this video involve some props like box so if you guys wanna know more, stay tuned okay I have nothing to do okay this one you’re right. So? as usual guys, I’m…

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This is how an illusionist targets your unconscious mind | Derren Brown | Big Think

When you work I think with any sort of magic you become a very good applied psychologist just in a very niche area, which is why it’s generally magicians that are brought in to kind of test for psychic claims and that kind of thing to sort of debunk or look for that kind of…

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The Rise and Rise of Psychedelics | High Society

So today we’re going to share with you a beautiful preparation for the medicine that we’ve just taken. There might be crying, there might be screaming, there might be a whole range of stuff. We’re opening ourselves up energetically. Follow my lead. The UK is experiencing a psychedelic renaissance. Everyone should try LSD at least…

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