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Ned Tries Famous Soccer Trick Shots • The Try Vlog

– Welcome to the Vlog, it’s soccer trick shot time. Oh are you alright? – [Zach] Yeah – Okay. (whistle) (intro music) – Good morning! – I’m gonna do my Zach impression. What’s up fam? Vlogging, vlogging, vlogging. – It’s a beautiful day on the soccer field. – [Keith] Getting his shoes on, getting his…

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My Experience Tidying with KonMari: Clothes | Marie Kondo & The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Hey guys! Some of you said you were interested in seeing my tidying journey, so I thought I’d make this video showing the clips I’ve taken throughout my process of decluttering and reorganizing my closet. Before we get into it, I just want to preface it with this: you know, decluttering is not a pretty…

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Will Smith Tries Online Dating

– Thank you for coming. This is beautiful. I’ve wanted to meet you for a really, really long time. And being here with you in the Cayman Islands, I gotta say, I’m feeling a little something. (romantic piano music) I’ll just put that there. You can grab it later if you want. (upbeat jazz music)…

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GIANT MAGIC TRACKS TOY MEGA BUILD CAR Adventure!! As Seen on TV Carl and Jinger

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2 Cup Manifestation Method Using Water Works Like MAGIC

The 2 cup manifestation method works like magic for two reasons first, it’s been demonstrated that water can be influenced by surrounding it with positive thoughts our bodies are made of more than 70% water think of the huge influence that you have on your body with your own thoughts second by repeatedly drinking you’re…

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Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Lock Puzzle!!

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A Cry Babies Magic Tears Playdate Competition!

– This video is sponsored by IMC Toys. Hi everyone, today we are having a really special playdate. We have two of the girls’ friends over, Stella and Scarlett, and we’re having a Cry Babies Magic Tears playdate. – This is Stella. – [Lucy] Hi, Stella! – And this is Scarlett. – Hi, Scarlett. I…

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(water splashing) (upbeat jazz music) – All right, so. We’re going off to Hamilton today. We’re not staying at a Doubletree there. So there’s not gonna be any cookies. Actually, I don’t know what the place is we’re staying at. But it’s only like an hour and 20 minutes. So I got a coffee but…

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Fiverr Magicians?!

– Yo, what’s up, guys? And welcome back. We just launched 1st.shop Simple as that 1st.shop My own merch, my own products, my own designs. This is the first time that I’m launching a kind of a clothing line without the help of a third party. So nobody else fulfilling these orders. These are shipped…

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