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Zero Density at VivaTech 2019 with Green Wizard

What does Green Wizard offer today at Vivatech from TF1 Media Lab booth? We have asked by TF1 to reconstruct their news set in a virtual set, a natural set. In order for the start-up partners and acquisitions of the TF1 Group can pitch their activities from a virtual news room environment. What is the…

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DécouVRez : 3dRudder + THE WIZARDS Enhanced Edition (PSVR) | PS4 Pro | VR Singe

Hi everyone welcome to this video of The Wizards, the Enhanced Edition who arrives March 12, 2019 on PC and PlayStation VR. It should be sold 24.99 euros. Today I play with the 3dRudder at my feet but do not worry the game is fully playable without, you can play directly with the PlayStation Move,…

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VRChat: The Wizard! (Virtual Reality)

Ahh, lad! Oh, it’s not a laser this time. [death] MAAAGIC! “Maaagic!” By the power of magic, swords do no- -effect upon me! [Naddition]: So we have find a way to kill you- [Naddition]: -without swords, is that what you’re saying? Ah, no no no! I got great immunity against- -from all the stabby objects….

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I’M A WIZARD!! | Left Hand Path

Bo loop doop boop ba-lep bep buh Be Bep boop boop ba doop boop ba daah- Beh da boop ba Bep balep beh bah Ah *Imitates car alarm* ba doop Okay, ooOh Ahlee? NOW WOW! I’m a wiZArd! Pick up items with the left trIGGER Holy shitballs! I got a staff and a hand With…

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Step Inside Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with Virtual Reality! | Art Attack Master Works

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Windows Mixed Reality – Trick: How to fly around the Skyloft

hello! There was a trick that was discovered by the website moremixedreality.com on the cliff house, that allowed us to fly outside of the boundaries of the house so I wanted to try if this will also work here in the new Skyloft environment. The trick basically is you use your controls and you use…

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Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition – Official Trailer | PS VR


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Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019

so it’s a pleasure to be here in Las Vegas to present to you now I get invited to do keynotes across the globe and while it’s easy for me to be here in Las Vegas it isn’t always easy for me to travel across the world and even when I do I can’t always…

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Magic Leap One first look: worth the hype?

– Magic Leap is supposedly building goggles that can change people’s perception of reality. In the last few years, it’s become one of the most mysterious and exciting companies in tech. It’s released tantalizing videos of mixed reality animals and steam punk robot battles, not to mention a string of patents full of weird and…

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My FAVORITE VIRTUAL REALITY Zombie Apocalypse Game (Arizona Sunshine Funny Moments)

is this you why are you so short oh my god why do you have a mask don’t are you robbing me why are you robbing me do I have a gun too do I have a mask how about she I’m about to see you welcome to Arizona it looks beautiful but what are…

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