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Cinderella has a son! ✨💙 And Fairy Godmother teaches him MAGIC! Disney’s Cinderella | Alice Edit!

Hi everyone ^____^ I hope you are having an amazing day! In today’s edit, you will get to see what happened to Princess Cinderella after she married Prince Charming Without further ado, lets get started… Hi again – If you are wondering where I found the picture of the boy, it’s from a beautiful old…

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Colin Farrell on Working with the ‘Magic’ Tim Burton on ‘Dumbo’

Talk about Dumbo. Let’s talk about the movie. Oh, yeah. So the original was– what was the original about, and what is this about? The original was– this is very much about the same thing the original is about. The original is about a baby elephant born into a circus, and the baby elephant is…

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Film Theory: Disney’s FROZEN – Anna and Elsa Are NOT SISTERS?!

Take a break from building your snowman. Because for the first time in forever we’re doing a theory on Frozen! Hello Internet, welcome to Film Theory! You know the Frozen lore you thought you knew? Well prepare to ‘let it go’ because today’s theory will change everything you thought you knew about the adorkable Anna…

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Frozen 2: Elsa and Jack Frost have a daughter! And she has magic too! ❄💙Alice Edit!

Hi everybody! I hope you ship Jack Frost and Queen Elsa because today’s Disney edit is going to be about these two and their future together Elsa and Jack Frost are the perfect pair in my opinion they’re both powerful magicians who can control ice and snow and after being alone in the beginning of…

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Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

MICKEY: Oh. Here, boy. (WHISTLES) Come on, boy. Fetch. That’s my Gubbles. Okay, Gubbles, now sit. Roll over. Now catch your treat. (CLANGS) (STRAINING GRUNT) Hmm, looks like that little house is to small for my big fishy. (PANTING) Well, time to order you a bigger bowl. (MEOWS) (CLINKING) MAN ON PHONE: Fish Bowls Emporium….

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I Am Going to Read Your Mind – Disney Characters (Magic Trick)

hey everyone my name is Quan and I am a magician today’s trick is going to be a little bit different because instead of having me to do the magic I’m actually gonna have you do the magic if you follow my directions carefully because we’re going to make that magic happen right through your…

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