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The Grumpy Wizard Taking Quincy’s Trumpet

QUINCY: Magic wand at……. My trumpet! JUNE: Oh no! He took Quincy’s trumpet!

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The Supplement Wizard by SmartPak

SARAH: Hey, how did you ever figure out what supplements to use for Luna? I’m trying to make some choices for Cody, and I just can’t figure it out, there’s so many options. KERRI: It’s easy. I just asked the Supplement Wizard. SARAH: I don’t know. That does not seem like a very good idea….

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Where Is My Dress? (Goo Goo Girlz Story About Magic Wand)

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Haunted House Monster Truck : The Magic Wand | Car Cartoon Stories For Kids

Haunted House Monster Truck : The Magic Wand

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How Harry Potter Turns You Into A Wizard

How many times have you tried to wish yourself into your favorite fictional world like what if you were actually a student at Hogwarts playing quidditch and brewing potions? Well good news! Turns out that reading harry Potter could make your dream a reality and kind of turn you into a wizard… subconsciously. Psychologists have…

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What’s inside a Wizard Wand?

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The Magic Elevator

How often have you waited in an awkward silence for the slowest elevator in the building? If you’ve done that, we have something just for you. We’ve been working on a project to elevate your experience, the Magic Elevator! Well that was easy. This is Shawn, my name is Max, and together we developed a…

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Magic Light Wand to Turn Electric Devices on and off

– Bill Quinn, Christmas Tree for Me coming to you from the Dallas Total Home and Gift Show. In my hand is a wonderful, cute remote control to turn on and off any electronic device. In this case, I have it hooked up to a Christmas tree. Push one button and it turns on, another…

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All About Magic in Fiction – Creative Guzzle

Hello everyone. My name is Stephanie Brown, and you are watching Creative Guzzle. Now that it’s the season for ghost and ghouls, vampires and witches, I thought I’d start off this month by talking about something that permeates throughout the fantasy genre, but can even be found in science fiction and horror. And that…is MAGIC!…

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Oh Snape with Voldemort and Severus: Wizard Food

♪♪ Butterbeers up. [clink] Do you have a bottle opener? I– I don’t. [rhythmic drumming and snapping] [whispers] Oh, Snape. Oh, Snape. Avada Kedavra. That’s the wrong– you killed my butterbeer. You– You– You killed it. Fine. Crucio. That’s not– [angelic choir] [bottle screaming] Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavor Beans. Let’s get crazy. Let’s get crazy. Let’s…

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