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Soda City Funk

Check it Check it Hey, you people… over there Let me see you throw your hands up in the air Its a funky groove… Made to… Make you move! (Well alright) (Get ready to move) So let the party, party, party, par.. Uh Do you wanna, Do you wanna get funky? Do you wanna get…

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TWICE “What is Love?” M/V

Every day, in a movie in a book or in a drama, I feel love Um- I learn about love My heart keeps beating as if it’s my own story Makes my heart pound and swell with hope Um- I want to know so bad Ooh Maybe someday Could it happen to me, too When…

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Indian street magicians| ft Arup Ghosh | learn magic every mon & fri

excuse me bro !! Do you wanna see a magic trick ?? No !!!!

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Mondays – Champion (ft. Lilla My)

This is me, I’m so royal And you all wanna be ’round Yeah, you all wanna be ’round ‘Round a champion A champion I got tons of soul, I’m a true collectable Famous is the famous number one desirable I do what I want, when I want And how I want it Leave you be…

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