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Diego Stocco: Sound Magician Part V

Nature has a voice. And I discovered that I can create sounds of animals and other mysterious creatures by using something completely different, like a tree for example.

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Diego Stocco: Sound Magician Part VII

There’s so much beauty in randomness, and random sounds. With this experiment, I wanted to try that, I was just curious to hear what happens when you combine four pianos and four hundred bouncing balls. [piano key sounds] Sound Changes the Way We See DTS Listen

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Mysterious Touch Speaker – What Magic Is This?

so i have done few speaker videos here on unbox therapy Bluetooth speakers non Bluetooth speakers actually pretty much all bluetooth speakers that the thing its about bluetooth speakers these days so when this thing showed up i was like wait what are telling me drop and play wireless speaker no wires no bluetooth no…

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Diego Stocco: Sound Magician Part VIII

I tried to record the sound of hummingbirds many times, I love the sound they make. But it’s so difficult to pick the right spot with the microphone, because they fly in and out so fast. So I thought, there must be another way to capture this sound. And that was the idea behind this…

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