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A Man Who Learnt a Magical Secret Mantra – Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Once upon a time there was man in South India who wanted to get supernatural powers. Immediately our man set forth on a journey to Tibet. One week of intense practice, he could not sit, stand or sleep. Now, he went back all the way back to Tibet once again. Many things in life…

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From Magic to Mysticism | Sadhguru

You are more eligible for mysticism than ever before. Ask the youth, are they interested, without going to the back streets and buying, simply sitting here and stoned-out. If entire life is a race, finish line is death. Is that what you want? It’s time the youth of this world stand up and demand a…

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The illusion of identity

The Illusion of Identity Sometimes people say I’m not always conscious that I am this you see? Like, quite often, my attention goes and then I forget, that I am this. And it troubles them. They want to say: I want to be consciously conscious of who I am all the time. But when we…

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Are Dreams and Life just an illusion – Sadhguru

Sadhguru: The problem is you are reading bits and pieces of Zen. Ok? (Laughs) Bits and pieces of Zen are dangerous. Bits and pieces of anything is dangerous. Now, what you are saying is true in a way because 99% of your life is just thought and emotion. Thought and emotion is just a projection…

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Grasping The Illusory Nature Of Thought

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The Amazing Power Of Psychedelics – Leo Does Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms!

hey this is Leo for actualised org and in this episode I’m going to be talking about the amazing power of psychedelics I’m going to share my experiences with magic psilocybin mushrooms and I’m going to talk about the potential of using psychedelic substances for self actualization warning the information provided here is strictly for…

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Terence McKenna – Magic & the Hermetic Tradition (Lecture)

Okay. Well today’s thing is sort of a return to a more uh orthodox, educational kind of mode. Hopefully not to such a degree that its boring The agenga is to talk about, uh, hermeticism and alchemy. The way in which this tradition which is counter intuitive and uh heterodox if not heretical, from the…

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Magicians Mistakes (Subtitles)

If you like our audio and video materials, you can support the project. Details of the description to video. www.intelligenthumanity.com Intelligent Humanity Represents Magicians Mistakes Gregory’s Private Consultation Levashov made a fundamental mistake. First, a person needs to rebuild his worldview, and than reveal his abilities. Abilities can also give magical abilities. How a person…

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Become Available to the Magic of Life | Sadhguru

Generally all of us have about the same-sized skull, I’ll excuse the lady To a large extent most human beings have enough brain material in their head everybody – except somebody who may be severely deformed at birth, almost every average human being has what it takes to do life. But why is it that…

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Where Did Black Magic Originate? #UnplugWithSadhguru

Moderator: This question is from Subhashish Mukherjee, and he says, “I want to know the truth of black magic. My non-Bengali friends believe black magic has come into existence from West Bengal (Sadhguru laughs). How much truth is there in this?” Sadhguru: It’s a very Bengali question, hmm (Laughter)? The truth (Laughs)… They are not…

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