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Mewy – World of Illusion (Official Audio)

Try to realize the truth What truth? There is no spoon Summer breeze, sun is shining But I’ve got this feeling that something is happening Don’t you see? How can we be so blind They’re trying to hide what’s behind The world is a mess, conscious-less Trapped in the darkness, hopeless I confess, I don’t…

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Luka Family and Friends Baby Discovers Dinosaur World Cartoons For Kids

Dinosaur World Ms Susan takes the children to the museum and teaches them about all types of Dinosaurs Together with the cardboard, scissors, glue, and colorful crayons, our little friends have created amazing Dinosaurs outfits Dinosaur World is amazing. Isn’t it, kids?

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The Illusion of Certainty: Risk, Probability, and Chance

Welcome everybody. We have for you tonight Probability, risk, and chance. But before the fun starts lmao. Something serious, a serious scientific experiment that you are all going to be apart of. An experiment on ESP. Extrasensory perception. Aaliyah Allen You all have cards, take out those index cards and the pencils you were given….

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The Head of a Satanic Temple Explains Satanism

We do not sacrifice children. The foundation of Satanism is built upon the self and carrying out the devil’s work. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hi! My name is Zeke Apollyon and I am the chapter head for the Satanic Temple, London and UK. I think what attracted me most to Satanism,…

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Meet the Artist – Luie Da Don

Welcome back in my trap car. Thanks for coming in my trap for Louie. Come on all good. Good, bro. Oh Good I’ll just buy you a weekend a make your money making money and paying them pills That are new to my channel Louie, it’s London’s rappers we recently filmed valancy Argos flow we…

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Award Ceremony – Saboteur & Wizard World Championships 2019

So we’re starting with Wizard. On 4th rank we have from Hungary: Gabor S. so you’re qualified for the World Championship next year. On 3rd rank, first time competing Mexico: Marina N. Congratulations! Your trophy! And you got a silver prize as well Our vice world champion, the ex world champion from Greece: Vasileos P….

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The Rise and Rise of Psychedelics | High Society

So today we’re going to share with you a beautiful preparation for the medicine that we’ve just taken. There might be crying, there might be screaming, there might be a whole range of stuff. We’re opening ourselves up energetically. Follow my lead. The UK is experiencing a psychedelic renaissance. Everyone should try LSD at least…

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Seth Manfield Spotlight – Magic World Championship XXVI – Find Your Champion

Becca: Hall of famer and your 2015 World Champion, Seth Manfield! Marshall: You know, one of the best players in the whole MPL. Seth: I first started playing Magic, like, back when I was eight years old. It was recess time, umm, on the black top at school. Strategy games kind of run in my…

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Beyblade Dragon Trick Shot! Geist Fafnir Battle!

hi guys welcome back to the blast zone today we have a very awesome video for you guys we are doing the Geist Fafnir dragon trick shot with guys back this is gonna be the most dangerous trick shot I’ve ever done take cover right when I launched this because even worse than the first…

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100 Tips & Tricks In Minecraft You Possibly Never Knew

Hello hello everyone. This is Xaptrosity. Today I’m bringing you guys 100 tips and tricks in Minecraft. These are just a few of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt in my experiences with Minecraft. You probably won’t know of these things but we’ll probably just have to wait and see. So, let’s get right into…

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