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Quick Excel Trick to Unstack Data from one Column to Multiple Columns

If you try to unstack data in excel from one column to multiple columns, you’ve probably noticed it’s not as easy as you might have thought. You might google it, and you’re going to find many different solutions to this. Starting from Vba to power query to control shift enter array formulas, index formulas, and…

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SURPRISING Advanced Filter TRICK in Excel (You’ve Never Heard Of!)

Today’s video is about a hidden feature in Excel’s advanced filter that I never knew about. I found out about this last week. It came packaged nicely as an email and video from Bryon. Now I know Bryon quite well, so when I read this sentence… (light upbeat music) I knew there’s something good in…

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GUESS what’s HIDDEN in Excel? (Cool Trick)

What does Excel and this… (applausing) And now, here’s the star of Concentration! Have in common? What we’re going to do today is bring some fun to your team meetings or to your Excel lectures. But don’t thank me for all the fun. Thank Robert Palechek. He’s the one who sent me this idea. (typing)…

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