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Yoga Magic- Part II | Goodbye To Hot Flashes, Headaches And Anxiety

In my decade-long experience as a yoga therapist I have seen women seriously troubled during their menopause I have often heard how they feel a sense of constant uncertainty it is indeed a period of critical adjustment. Your own family especially a spouse will never really understand this feeling of worthlessness one can experience. The…

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Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word, for which there is no modern equivalent. There is a fundamental challenge with making a film about Samadhi. Samadhi points to something that can’t be conveyed on the level of mind. This film is simply the outer manifestation of my own inner journey. The intention is not to teach…

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This World Is a Magic Show

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45 Minute Hatha Yoga (With Arm Balances) Feel Magical

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‘Yoga With Adriene’ Shares How Yoga Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions | TODAY

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From Magic to Mysticism | Sadhguru

You are more eligible for mysticism than ever before. Ask the youth, are they interested, without going to the back streets and buying, simply sitting here and stoned-out. If entire life is a race, finish line is death. Is that what you want? It’s time the youth of this world stand up and demand a…

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Projections onto Spiritual Teachers–letting go of the illusion of perfection | nonduality

Jon Bernie: You know, as … I think it’s natural for us as human beings to want things from other people. I think that’s natural. So why wouldn’t a student want something from a spiritual teacher? And maybe hope that they could give it to them. You know, if you want to … I just…

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SRF Bro. Achalananda — Spiritual Eye, Kundalini, “Wizard of Oz” — with captions.

Bro. Achalananda: In the middle of a conversation:… Well, you already have a technique to see the spiritual eye: Jyoti Mudra. Woman: Yes, but now, it’s like how I was saying, it’s like going forward and going back… Bro. Achalananda: Yeah, well first you have to get into it, right? Woman: No, first you have…

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The Whole World Is An Illusion

The whole world is an illusion. Whatever you see outside — the mountains the lakes, the people whom you know — they are all illusions created by the senses and the mind together. And there are two types of illusions. One is our collective illusion; the collective illusion holds good for humanity in general, human…

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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha

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