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Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Step up, step up! We’ve got fainting fancies, nosebleed nougat and just in time for school! Puking pastilles… Into the cauldron, handsome! Peruvian instant darkness powder… a real money spinner, that one! Handy if you need to make a quick getaway… Helloooo, ladies! Love potions, eh? Yeah, they really do work! Then again, the way…

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Can Your Eyes Beat These Optical Illusions?

*electronic music with heavy beat* Hey guys let’s talk about optical illusions. Optical illusions are a fun way to see the difference between how our brain perceives the world, and how the world actually looks. In other words optical illusions are your brain f***ing up. Now here’s a question for you. Which square is darker?…

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52 Amazing Organization Tricks for a Stress Free Home

Spring may seem far away, but if you are planning a big Spring Clean and Organization effort, it will be here faster than you think. Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and this is 52 Amazing Organization Tricks for a Stress-Free Home. 1. Don’t Just Save the Knobs – Save the Whole Drawer. Well, OK, just the…

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How optical illusions trick your brain – Nathan S. Jacobs

Check this out: Here’s a grid, nothing special, just a basic grid, very grid-y. But look closer, into this white spot at the center where the two central vertical and horizontal lines intersect. Look very closely. Notice anything funny about this spot? Yeah, nothing. But keep looking. Get weird and stare at it. Now, keeping…

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– Hello, and welcome to “Junk Drawer Magic,” where we teach you magic out of things you can find in your junk drawer. – And today is very exciting because we finally got a pet! – Really? – Yep, and it’s gonna help us out with a magic trick. – A magic pet? So cool….

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[NovaRO] How to get Contaminated Magic without equipments ?

In this video i’ll show you how to get Contaminated Magic (C.M) with just our beloved Bayeri. As you know C.M only drops in Old Glast Heim Hard Mode. Unlike Normal mode, you need to be really careful in every move in Hard Mode. Each of them is potentially one-shot you. So the best method…

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MTG – Five Tips for Selling Cards in Different Situations

No matter how people try to ignore it, Magic has a very active secondary market and most people who are serious about the game have probably sold cards for various reasons. I’m your host Mike, and I’ll be talking about Five Tips for Selling Magic Cards in different situations. Make It A Last Resort Remember…

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Might and Magic Clash Of Heroes – Necro Advanced Strategy – iOs [UK]

Hello heroes, I’m Irina, your Community Developer! Are you ready for the second part of awesome Clash of Heroes advanced tactics video? These tips will help you to crash your enemies in the multiplayer mode. Today we are going to focus on the Necro faction strategy richness. To start, you need to get in the…

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Instant Halloween Costume | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Happy Halloween! And welcome to “Junk Drawer Magic,” where we teach you magic tricks with the things you find in your junk drawer. – Happy Halloween, everyone. – What is this? – I dressed as my favorite holiday. I’m a Thanksgiving turkey. – That’s a chicken costume. – No, it’s not! The guy said…

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Sukumarudu Latest Telugu Full Movie || Aadi, Nisha Aggarwal

Lifelong he made us laugh with boredom jokes, he got promotion and left this world, to spread cheer in heaven, this film is dedicated to ‘Suthi’ Velu uncle, wishing him another life of comedian to spread laughter…Film unit Since he’s mother less child and I’m very busy with my work, I couldn’t focus on him,…

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