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The Magic Flute | Your Reaction | Trailer

It’s a brilliant staging, really enjoyable I love the costumes and the singers were amazing! It’s great fun…full of love! – I like the light sabers! I thought it was brilliant. A modern take on a brilliant classic I didn’t know that they could use projections so when they did, it was really cool! The…

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Trick & True | 트릭 앤 트루 – Ep.1 [ENG / 2016.11.01]

Science and imagination are combined here. Welcome to “Trick and True.” I’m Jun Hyunmoo, the Chairman of Imagination Academy. I’m Left Chief Researcher Kim Junhyeon. I’m Right Chief Researcher Lee Eungyeol. We’ve officially become a regular program. – I didn’t know this would happen. / – You didn’t? This program was in the spotlight, but…

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Scholastic’s Book Wizard

hi everyone this is Brad I’m on scholastic spoke wizard n as you can see in the bottom here you can use a book wizard to find a level more than sixty thousand books by title author or keyword man do I’ve selected guided reading level up here and you can see if you select…

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A LOVELY grammar trick to know how to use -LY ADJECTIVES as adverbs

I’m sure you know that in English most adverbs can be formed by placing -LY after the adjective. quick/quickly, stupid/stupidly, angry/angrily. “The teacher looked at me angrily” But did you know that there are a number of words in English that end in -LY that are not adverbs but adjectives. Today we’re going to look…

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لماذا لن يستطيع ساحر أن يُثبت سحرَه أمام الناس؟ افهموا معنى السحر أولاً! د. هيثم يشرح السحر Eng. Sub

He brought candles and turned the lights off! and said that nothing happened. He is just a guy who made a romantic mood. Unfortunately, this style is so fake. It has nothing to do neither with sorcery nor magicians. I wouldn’t make this episode because I showed you – in previous episodes – that this…

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Camera Wizard: An interactive video series about shooting basic video (with Corey Vidal)

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THE MAGIC E: All British kids know this pronunciation trick. Do you?

Hello and welcome to LetThemTalk and what I want to talk to you about today is The magic “e”. Every British kid knows about the magic “e”. I learnt it at school in London when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I think Americans call it the “silent e” but it’s the same….

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Blitz Roulette Tricks 1 – Der 4 Teile Trick

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The Whole World Is An Illusion

The whole world is an illusion. Whatever you see outside — the mountains the lakes, the people whom you know — they are all illusions created by the senses and the mind together. And there are two types of illusions. One is our collective illusion; the collective illusion holds good for humanity in general, human…

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Neymar Jr Has His Mind BLOWN by Troy the Magician

I’ve heard that Neymar Jr is shooting here with OTRO. So I thought, “let me come down and see if I can blow his mind.” Let’s go. -Ready for magic time? -For sure. -For sure? -Yeah. OK, good. I’m going to warm up with you guys. -Can I warm up? -Yes. We’ll warm up a…

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