He’s said to be the world’s
first contemporary Maori magician. As Harata Brown reports, Api Wairau-Mason is fusing
his passion for magic and te reo. Nine of diamonds. Yes. The magician. Do you want to know more
about this trick? That’s got onlookers wondering. There’s one distinct difference. That’s the Maori language. So I’m fusing te reo Maori
with magic. Tune in. Api Wairau-Mason says his passion for the art all began
with his interest in magicians as a kid. They’ll instruct in English
so I thought to translate those terms into Maori
and reinforcing it in what I do. Magic tricks and cardistry tutorials
are all in his line of work that’s conducted in te reo Maori. I’ve been doing this professionally
now for a year. Things are going good. His videos online have been watched
thousands of times and Tangata Tumatarau
has just received funding to create a webseries. And it’s the older generations who
are are really interested in my work because they are more familiar
with the work of magicians. Yes, indeed it’s Api Wairau-Mason, the trickster and magician who is capturing many hearts
and minds. Harata Brown, Te Karere.