In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you more about
the Viking Thunder Prime skin. We’ll also be revealing the
secret item from last episode, and showing you some of
our favorite video submissions. Hello tankers! In the last VLOG, we showed you the new
Viking Thunder Prime skin the cool one with new
effects and animations. We also told you that you’ll be able
to buy it during our Black Friday event. But that’s not the only way you can get
it. If you already own
Viking or Thunder Prime from one of our challenges, it will automatically be
updated to the new skin. You won’t need to lift a finger! Also, those of you who played Tanki X and activated the special
promo code in Tanki Online, will also receive it. And yes, you can also get it as
a random drop from containers, just like any other skin. But as you probably know, the
chance of a drop like that is very small. So, it’s up to you how you wanna
get hold of the new Viking Thunder Prime. All we can say is,
it’s definitely worth getting! In the last VLOG, we gave you a sneak preview of
something we’ve been developing. And you had to guess what it is, and most importantly,
HOW it will work in the game. Of course, we got a TON of comments…
more than a thousand of them. Some were a bit weird, like this one. Dude, what’s a “raser”? Some got a bit carried away with
their imagination, like this guy: Interesting idea,
but… uhm… no. And there were some interesting suggestions. Hazel, I hope you were taking notes. Of course, most of you guessed
the first question correctly. It IS a drone. And someone actually
managed to guess what it does. Congratulations! You win the new
Viking Thunder Prime as a reward! So, since the cat’s out of the bag,
let’s share some more details. The new drone is codenamed Hyperion, and as our friend guessed,
it affects Cooldowns. As you know, when you
use one of your supplies, and its active time runs out, you have to wait for a certain amount
of time before it is usable again. This is called a cooldown period. Hyperion will reduce the
time of this cooldown. For instance,
after using a repair kit, you won’t need to wait
the full 30 seconds to re-use it. You’ll be able to re-use it much sooner. And like other drones in the game,
Hyperion can be upgraded. A full upgraded drone can actually
reduce the cooldown to zero, making it possible to use double
damage or the repair kit non-stop. With this drone,
a huge pile of supplies, and some skill, you can
become a one man army. Another use case is in CTF. We all know that catching
the flag is the easy part. The tough part is carrying
it back to your base. Having double armor and
speed boost active helps, but it’s not always possible. And when your enemies
are turning you into a colander, one repair kit won’t do
much to keep you alive. But if the cooldowns are faster,
it makes one hell of a difference. Average speed ​​will increase, which will force teams to
reevaluate their tactics. One new drone gives a whole new
twist to the regular game modes. Of course, everything has a price. This drone will only be
available at legend rank, so you can’t just buy
your way to this drone. You need to really
earn the right to own it. Plus it will cost very,
very much. There’s more. In addition to batteries,
the drone will also use consumables. And the higher its upgrade level,
the more supplies it will consume per use. Here’s an example. You activate a repair kit, and several
of them are consumed at once. You need to decide
where your priorities lie. Quick cooldown,
or supply rationing? So now we want to hear from you. What do you think of the new drone? And in what kinds of scenarios
do you think it will work best? Write your opinion in the
comments below the video. And the changes in
Drones are just beginning. We’ll tell you more about
that in upcoming episodes. eSports news It’s time for the main tournament
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