Welcome what’s your name? My name is sauce. How old are you? I’m 22 years old and what are you gonna be doing for us today? Ah, it’s kind of magic what it’s either magic or is no magic Now what made you come to America’s Got Talent? Actually, I have to say my parents have been here and have been here in season 11 and they’ve been performing as well They’ve been doing magic like doing quick change changing their clothes really fast, and I saw that god. I love your parents. Thank you So my mom and dad there’s awesome Victoria they were at age 80 on season 11 the act of my parents was quick changed So when they were changing their clothes really really fast and they actually made it through to the live shows Growing up it was actually Pretty hard to make friends because we’re always on the road. I changed schools like 36 times So my best friend was actually always magic a lot of times people ask me as a magician like who is your idol? Obviously has to be like David Copperfield or some other big magician, but I think for me my idol has always been my parents It’s time for me to step out of my parrot jet. I really hope to go even farther than they did I know that my whole life can depend on this moment and I really hope that I will make mom and dad proud It was like a big inspiration for me and I saw how it changed their lives and I really hope the same for me Well, we can’t wait give it a go Here we go Say For justice It was like nothing we’ve seen Yet this season phenomenal job. Thank you very much. Thank you Hallie We always look for something really unique in this big room with the music and how cool you were it? Really added and the cars just kept coming. You did a great job tonight Favorite parts, though was when you’re doing this and they just got little baby cards fan-freaking-tastic It was actually quite amazing and I love the track, I love you presentation By the way, there is no such thing as a kind of magic it is magic Yeah Welcome To America’s Got Talent. Hello. What’s your name? We are very well. Where are you from? I noticed an accent from friends. Oh wow What is it that you do will vocal performer vocal performers yeah, are you related now? We are old friends, but we’re like brother now so we are family and What is your dream? What do you want to do? The biggest dream is to win America’s Got Talent. So this is the dream So good luck Worship problem Since these guys liked it so much we hated it. I’m gonna say no you can do it again for them. Goodbye Never between like Rocky Cosby’s This was your moment In the singing and the rapping it’s so much more than you expect from any other choir. I love you. I love you all You know it starts with the people Yes, and the people you guys came together and created something that was traditional like a choir and you took it And went so fresh. It was so fun. The choreography. I was up on my feet Gabrielle first let me ask the little the little one who’s hiding in the back. Can she step forward? How do you feel good you feel like you did a great job thank you yeah Let me thank you because what we all just witnessed here tonight was nothing short of absolute brilliance Your core This was not expected If you can keep doing this where every performance is the last thing you would expect to choir to do you could win this That’s not with Howie yes, mmm, oh, you know, wait wait wait wait wait wait I’m so sorry to interrupt you. hawie. I have to tell you Every young man and woman on the stage represents me and where I came from I remember sitting on my window in Flint, Michigan Dreaming. I wanted to make it and wanted to be here and they were here All it takes is one person To believe in a young man or woman for them to reach their dreams and you want that man, sir And that is gente gente I like the virus Holder’s gente gente is about seven months old and sushi. Yes, she’s very cute. She is So is there just one or los we’ve got some understudies backstage? pneumonia and varicella Are the understudies or an infestation? How did you get into this like where does a young lady fine rats and what inspired you Well, I had some pet rats that I loved very much. Right and I was working as a performer so I started training my rats to do a couple of tricks and then I trained them to do some more stuff and then they Started taking over the show Okay This is kind of amazing, I love rap Oh Go There are certain jokes how to know in your head right now, please don’t say it’s Howie Okay. I haven’t seen this is incredibly unique. It’s incredibly entertaining. I love it That was super different and really unique I’ve never seen rat talent like this Penta is a star. I definitely want to see more attentive Like this is so weird and I love it I’ve never seen anything like that before that was so much fun. I think you guys are great hashtag. I like weird. I Love that. I mean it was bonkers we were all rooting I think rats I’ve just got bad PR the sweet some people think they’re nasty. They’re nice. That’s why we’re here today good for you I love both of you. I’m gonna say yes Hello, sir, are you doing what’s your name? I’m Andy. What are you gonna do today? I’m in a distant karaoke Karaoke for you know Simon is not the biggest fan of karaoke I’m Andy Rowell. I’m 24 years old and I’m a singer I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa When I was growing up, I was really inspired by all sorts of music, but my first time ever singing was at a karaoke bar Ever since then I’ve been singing it makes me feel alive I Still like to use a karaoke machine whenever I perform Some people think oh, it’s you know kind of amateurish, but it’s just as professional as a normal singer. There’s just lyrics on screen I’m especially nervous to perform for a mr. Cowell Very karaoke so therefore I don’t want to see this again. What are you gonna do to win Simon over? I’m hoping that my voice will at least somehow changes perspective This could be my opportunity to change the face of karaoke singing Welcome to America’s Got Talent. What’s your name? My name is Andy. Now, what do you do for a living Andy? I’m a box office attendant at a theater. Oh So what are you gonna do for us today? I’m going to be doing some karaoke singing for you Oh Thank you, thank you Tequila Take Like album actually it was so stupid I loved it. Thank you – yeah, I have props to you because I feel like it’s actually hard to be Doing that to get that kind of reaction so So I actually think it’s brilliant well done It’s right, I want to see what the next song Some choice is always important on this And not only the song choice but your exuberance and your excitement Okay, how are you so nice yes, I want to see more Believe I’m saying this yes Oh Around two inches second song ready? Oh god, I gotta go cherry. Okay. Oh, don’t throw up. Okay When I was a little kid, I was fascinated with sounds there was a soundtrack basically going on in my head all the time Composed of abstract sounds what are you gonna do on a tree tree? So actually I’m a guitarist What I do is quite weird and quite experimental But I played with toys I wanted to create sounds that was like futuristic and stuff that I didn’t hear in the normal world Eventually these sounds they evolved into music The big breakthrough for me came when I picked up the guitar I used to be extremely shy and I wouldn’t even speak to too many people at all So have you ever broken a nail in a performance? I’ve broken all five nails in a matter of five minutes and plateaus That’s when I realized that I could actually express myself in music. Everything changed. I got out and got some friends feeling much Bit nervous to be honest, I used to perform in front of my wall And now I’m hearing AGT performing in front of millions and millions of people It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life I feel like this is my chance to really start my American dream. Thank you. All right make it happen. Thank you Hello, welcome, welcome. What’s your name? My name is marcin. How old are you? I’m 18. I just turned a couple of miles ago Bring fun as I actually come from Poland from a very small city But soon I’m gonna relocate here in the States because I got accepted to college Yeah What are you gonna do for us today, so I’m a guitarist as you can tell I don’t sing And why why America’s Got Talent first of all, it’s like the best show on earth. So so that’s the best reason. That’s awesome We don’t want to hold you up. We’re excited to see what you got. Thank you so much Welcome How are you? We are warm before. Thank you OSHA names. My name is Master Sergeant Caleb green United States Army retired And I am Jason Hannah’s are in first class in the US Army Sergeant major crystal reams u.s. Army active And I am staffs are retired Ronde Henry United States Army So, what’s the name of the group Voices of service we’re using this platform to show what music can do as music therapy For servicemen and women who are coping with post-traumatic stress and we just love what we do Wow. How did you meet? We all have a common bond to serve our country It’s what gives us the the power of the fire to do what it is we do Being soldiers we cope with a lot of things in 2003 my unit 101st Airborne Division. We were deployed to Iraq, we took fire and a lot of things flashed before my eyes and my thoughts Wondering where we got to make it through this. I have eight combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan One that comes to mind is we were on a ground convoy from one base to another and we averted improvised explosive device But the tank behind us hit it And it just tears you up inside because could have been your son could have been your daughter could have been a friend you know and and we still have to be resilient and and Do our job Every day of your life that you spend there. You had to make it your best because one day you could be having lunch With one of your battle buddies and the next day, that could be gone so You know those thoughts ringing through all of our minds We would sit around You know and just start singing and that would help us get over what we went through that day, you know Just bring a sense of hope to what the loss that we dealt with The bond of music got us through it off And being on that stage tonight, it’s it’s a dream come true To have this opportunity it reminds you What a great country we do live in and it’s for those people for those men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice That I’ll stand on the stage and sing tonight So what would you like to achieve by doing Well on the show tell me we want to achieve in spreading a message of love and hope For everyone in America who is coping with any challenge in life to show what music can do? Good luck. Oh You Can ride my school Humpy I Will just come My roots they run deep Oh Victories and You really enjoyed that Well Adam, so what was your inspiration behind that We’re from Kyrgyzstan. Our inspiration was when we were in our country. We saw Jabbawockeez on America’s Got Talent To become a dancers. This was our dream to come to America’s Got Talent What you guys have created on stage is freaking So articulate impactful and tight Wow, it was just amazing see your reaction to their reaction I always like to see something I’ve never seen before and it’s a bad imagination and that’s what you’ve got and Anyone good as you who decides to come on our show I owe you a huge. Thank you. So, thank you Repeating two words throughout your entire performance. I kept saying wow, and then I would take the W off and go home because Some of those movements didn’t even look human that is talent Like machines you came to slay and we are to see Palli yes, I want to see more. Thank you Yes Oh, yes My name is Jorge Dominguez, I’m 37 years old. She’s my wife Sarah, which is Tory went and so 20 years ago, we may feel in love and we start our own act The dominguez poodle review from Dallas Texas we started with four dogs, and now we have nine dogs This is our daughter Michaela and this is our son Logan We live in an RV in we do shows all over America. This is the best job ever The dogs are not just paid they are part of our family If we win a million dollars we can make our dream come true Good luck to you guys. Go ahead. Thank you Oh my gosh Hello Hello. What is your name? My name is Jorge Dominguez. My wife alcira Logan Makayla, we are the living gas poodle reveal And were you from Dallas takes us Some of those art poodles, right? Are they rescues or I see the terrier the Terios keys from the shelter in Dallas, Texas? Do they have like different personalities and oh, yes the brown one over there Mickey. He is the alpha You live in a house with all these artists no no No, we have our B and we travel around all United States. So should you win the million dollars? I would imagine the first thing you’d want to do is to buy a home, right? Yes, of course to give a home to my family Let’s see what you do and good luck. Don’t shoot the back Where did you come from? This Nikon didn’t chew, how are you I’m good. Good. You look excited. Yeah And what’s your name? Ansley burns away from Ansley easily, South Carolina. Oh You got a gray accent, by the way Okay, Ansley. Are you like a comedian or a dancer want a singer? Oh, you just saying that yeah Is a very small town the population is small And when I was little I used to sing and pretend like I was on America’s Got Talent My grandma would get her phone and she videoed me and now I’m in course at school So I sing a lot for my school. I would love to sing for the rest of my box So America’s Got Talent is literally my dream It’s like I’m stepping inside the television because usually I’ll watch it on TV. And now when I see it, it’s right over there now I’m gonna be on that stage in front all these people when I’m just like What are you nervous about something yeah a little bit I’m really excited yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’ve never done this Okay and see what are you gonna sing thank my reader Franklin, oh you’re gonna do a reader Franklin haha at 12 Yeah, okay, you sure Okay, the stage is yours You Okay, okay Ansley Ansley, sorry, babe. I don’t think this backing track was working for you. I mean it was a horrible horrible backing track So, I don’t think we can judge you properly on this, oh really dad we really like you but that was terrible If you’re gonna sing Aretha you’ve got to have a great track I’m just wondering whether we should just do a verse and a chorus maybe a cappella Give us some water Yeah Come here, come here I Haven’t had any users This will help It it’s like magic waters yours Well that just happened Okay, Lister hell you could do this Ansley You got this girl You me I Didn’t know you had a bit too much