Do you clean your keyboard? Maybe you should! A keyboard has 60 times more bacteria than
a toilet seat! I will show you three incredible methods to
clean your keyboard. Really clean, cheap and fast using things you might already have in your
home, supermarket or buying online. Can you guess which is the best way? Every day, our hands produce around 20mg of
a natural oil called “sebum” great for your skin, not so much for your
keyboard! In just a few weeks the keycaps become greasy, trapping dust, hair and food particles… And for this test, that’s what I needed:
a really dirty keyboard! That’s not… oh yeah! For the past two years I didn’t clean my
Apple Wireless Keyboard. Three cleaning options, tested in the same
disgusting keyboard. To be clear: these methods are pretty much
safe I won’t show you anything that is risky
for you or your keyboard. Also, I discarded everything that is complicated,
boring or takes too much time. Today’s tests are for real: I am looking for the best way to clean a keyboard
in 10 minutes or less. The first thing we will test is the “Magic
Clean Putty” which is some sort of gel, or slime… and this is advertised as a Keyboard Cleaner. Will it be worth the money? Our second contender is “Baby wipes” Why? Do you have kids? Baby wipes can clean ANY MESS – why not a
keyboard? And, at last, “Magic Eraser” – that indeed
does miracles on the walls, but some people say it could be too aggressive
for a keyboard… Let’s see! The first thing would be gently shaking the
keyboard, because you won’t believe the amount of
s#!7 that remains trapped under the keycaps! If you have a laptop, instead of shaking,
it is safer to just blow under the caps. So, lets divide the keyboard in three sections,
one for each test. I bought the Magic Clean Putty on Amazon and I never used something like this before so I am dying to try it out myself. The package says it absorbs dirt and dust, that it disinfects and that it does not leave
residues… Well I did my homework before and I know this
is not exactly true, so we’ll keep an eye on the time! Oh my gosh! Stop everything! We have a winner! I love it right now! Listen! Listen! It is delightfully disgusting! Oh man, you must… you need to feel it! Ok, I got the whole thing. We are ready to test this weird cleaning slime and I’ll just open it and spread to cover
the whole 1st section…Maybe I… …I should turn this part of video into an
ASMR thing… you know those? So I’ll talk softly and you can enjoy the
weird sounds of me touching this thing…Oh that’s so cool! I like to watch it in high speed, it kind of… …melts! Let’s take it off and take a look… does it look cleaner already? Huh… Looking from this other angle, around each
key, it got better… lets compare before and after oh yeah! The aluminium base is way cleaner as well. And, if we use it again a couple of more times,
it really works! On this particular keyboard, if you let it
spread for more than 3 minutes, it gets under the keys… oh… ok… I got it!Every keyboard is a bit different, so you should begin with 1 minute, then increase
a bit… to discover the ideal time for your keyboard. The cleaning slime is so cool to watch that
in the end of this video we’ll test it with other dusty things. But it is time for me to be picky here, because looking at the surface of the keys
I know we can do better! Baby Wipes is dirty cheap and it is really safe: it is wet but not dripping, it doesn’t leave residues under the keys
and look: it does a better job at the top of the keys… but if you look around the keys, there is
no magic here… it cleans as much as your effort to reach
every corner. Baby wipes works but, like normal cleaning, it is not fun! If it is all you have, well go for it!“- But I clean my keyboard
with a toothbrush!” Right… I’ll talk about it in a minute! But now it’s time to try the Magic Eraser, with is an old favorite of mine! By the way, this video is NOT sponsored! Nobody is paying me to say good things or
bad things about anything… But if buy any product using the affiliate
links on the description I get a small commission that helps me a LOT with no extra cost for you! The Magic Eraser, right! It is an incredible material that was originally
used as sound and thermal insulation. As a cleaning product, it does miracles like
removing grease, crayon scrawls and even removing “permanent” markers… this thing is amazing to clean the top of
the keys: take a look!I am barely touching the keyboard and you
can see the contrast!“- Hey, but you told some
people think this is dangerous!” Well, the melamine foam is like a microscopic
sand paper… …it is abrasive! Abrasive! Abrasive! Yeah, it kind of scratches the surface…
but very softly! A 2015 report revealed that Melamine foam
is a very effective “dental stain remover” so gentle that it doesn’t leave any scratching
marks on the teeth… You know what always scratches our teeth? Toothbrush! For almost 10 years I’ve been using Magic
Erasers to clean my keyboards. The face of the keys gets as clean as if they
were new but to clean around the keys I didn’t have
any easy solution, until today! Now, the perfect cleaning process I recommend is to begin with the “Melamine Foam”, with the keyboard upside down so no foam crumbs
or dripping water would get inside Then dry the keys with a paper towel. This will leave the face of the keys spotless. Then use the “Cleaning Gel Slime” to easily remove all the gooey dirt around
every key at once… well, in batches. Take a look! That ugly keyboard looks indistinguishable
from a brand new keyboard out of the box! But I know you are dying to hear me do it
again…ASMR style… with this 2009 Plastic MacBook White So just relax and watch me clean it!After that, I’ll clean a dusty remote control with this crazy slime. yeah!I always found ASMR videos a bit weird… I feel the tingling sensations on my head
and everything but, you know… …I am not used to it. I feel that, at this point, everybody might have left the video and I might be talking alone… Oh, you are still here?! Is it because I am talking like this or because you enjoy seeing the green slime?? Tell me in the comments! Isn’t this green thing totally hypnotic? They sell it in different colors as well check my affiliate links in the description. And here is how I clean my EarPods / AirPods You will love it!