Hello everyone and welcome for this new
video, in this episode I’m going to share with you a trick that looks very simple
but it actually changed the way I draw, and even change the way I see the world
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alright so what about this trick this is a little bit of backstory behind it and
the story of my beginnings as everyone else I sucked when I started trying
portraits it was horrible horrible like the eyes
were too narrow too wide the nose was too long too too short the mouth didn’t
have the right angle I mean you know you know like everyone else I guess
and my mistake back then but I didn’t know it at the time is that I was trying
to draw the features of the face separately as if they exist as if they
have an outline but it’s only after I started reading an essential book by
Harold Speed called the practice and science of drawing that I realized that
I was actually trying to draw with my brain and not with my eyes let me
explain so speed shows that the the sense of
site is not based on purely visual perception it’s strongly connected to
the sense of touch which is why infants whenever you show them something they
don’t just want to see they also want to touch so basically speed shows that
there is nothing purely visual in how we see things and from that we can say that
we basically see with our brain I mean speed doesn’t say it like this
but this is how I interpreted it seeing is not something simple it’s not purely
an image projected on your retina it’s a combination of very complex information
and the brain when it sees something it tries to outline things it tries to put
a boundary around things to spot the various objects all right this is a
brush and this is a book and this is a bucket and yeah the brain sees things
and try to put in a boundary to find what are the objects in the world and
without this ability seeing would be just like a gigantic soup of like random
shapes and colors so it’s a very good thing that our brain is capable of doing
that but the thing is even though this ability of the brain to outline and put
boundaries around things is very useful it’s very counterproductive for
realistic drawings so if you ask a child to draw a face it’s probably going to
draw the concept of a face with you know the concept of an eye the the idea of a
nose and sort of a figuration of what can be interpreted as a mouth so what
you want to do if you want to draw realistically is you want to reproduce
the shapes of the lights and shadows as they appear to the eyes so this is a
well-known trick in the world of realistic drawing but this is after this
reading that it really clicked for me so the brain wants to outline everything
wants to put boundaries on on things that have no boundaries visually
speaking but instead of looking for features of the face let’s look for
other shapes and this is what I call animal shapes I like using animal shapes
but it can be like any sort of random shapes
that’s delineated by shadows and lights you know sort of like when you look at
clouds and you try to spot a shape like the shape of a dragon in the shape of I
don’t know rabbit the shape of a dog or like you know in the toddler own logo
you have the shape of a bear I don’t know if you can see it or not this is
kind of the same idea so let me give you an example for this I for instance I I
thought about what kind of other shape could I I see there so okay it’s an eye
but can I find something else can I find a shape that sort of forces my brain to
see differently and this is where I spot this little penguin right here I don’t
know if you can see it I can see it and this is how I see it against maybe you
can see a sea turtle I don’t know you choose whatever so this is a mental
trick that sort of made my brain click and sort of forget about the idea of
drawing an eye but drawing the shapes that represent the lights and the
shadows that create the visual impression of this eye and I was not
focused anymore on drawing the eye but on drawing this penguin thing but you
can find other shape I mean this is always like random shapes that hidden
fine you don’t have doesn’t have to be
animals in me anything can be random shapes that can describe the things that
you’re trying to represent and that sort of force your brain to not see in terms
of concepts but see in terms of shadow shapes doesn’t necessarily have to be
shadows also you can be it can be any shape as long as it recreates the visual
impression and not this thing of course this trick works better if the shadows
are very strong and if the edges are kind of hard but it doesn’t always have
to be like this you can have like also you can doesn’t have to be shadows you
can find shapes all over the place the thing is you don’t have to use that all
the time it’s just a way of seeing especially for portraits it’s a way of
not dealing with drawing portraits as a list of features to draw and represent
one by one it’s not like you don’t have to draw an eye and a nose and a mouth
you have to draw the shapes with the right proportions so why did this silly
thing of looking for animal shapes in my drawings changed my life
I don’t know big nuts not really for its utility because I I don’t use it anymore
but I know at this point it’s sort of clicked and this really helped my
drawing I know these things sometimes they’re really weird it’s like you reach
another level and after this it was like oh okay I see now I see what I did wrong
before I was not looking for the right thing and and this is why my drawing
before that was was inferior and realistically speaking I don’t know it’s
just something sometimes you know it just clicks like this and it happens so
that was the story and I know I hope you can help maybe you have something else
maybe you’ve reached another level doing something else I
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