Hello there and welcome to a new video. Today I’ve got a quite cool magic trick to show you.
As you see, if I place an item in my off hand and right click, *TADA!* It comes on the other side.
-MAGIC. You might recognize this from
the Thaumcraft mod, where you would link a mirror of your own with a place in the
world and then if you got an item through the mirror it would magically
appear there. And this works for basically any item in the game, as you can see. (You maybe shoudn’t do that.) But there’s one big exception and that is magic mirrors. “One does not simply magic mirror a magic mirror.” And it also keeps any data from the items you got. This is possible since the 1.14 snapshots
because they introduced the data modify command. And we’re also using the new CustomModelData that they introduced in the latest snapshots. And this is actually a carrot on a stick, just with a custom model and we also keep the old
texture right here. So, the reason why we use a carrot on a stick is because it allows us to detect when the player right clicks with this in his hand. As you can see right here. For the the commands this is actually extremely simple. There’s just five them. And on the first one I detect the right right here and then summon in a placeholder item (Which is actually a barrier) at the location of
the wall mirror right there. Then on the next command I set the Item
tag for the item has been dropped to be the same of the one you are
holding in your offhand (Slot -106) Then I play a nice sound and clear the offhand of the player. And at the end it’s just a scoreboard reset. I’ll leave the commands in the description if you want to check them out. And that was it for this video! Thanks for watching and make sure to leave your feedback or suggestions in the comments below. Bye!