– Hello and welcome
to Junk Drawer Magic. (sneeze) (happy music) – Truth or dare? – Dare. – I dare you to stick
this crayon up your nose. – Ew, no, that’s gross. (sigh) – Okay Well, I guess
I’ll have to do it then. – Wait, no. Ew. I dare you to do
the opposite of that. (sniff) – Ah, too late. (pained grunts) Ah, I gotta get this out. (pained grunts) (nose blowing) O, that’s a lot of blue boogers. – What, how’d you do that? – Let’s ask the boogers. (boogers squishing) – It’s magic! – Pretty cool trick, right? (swiping sound) (Kira sneezes) – Ew, Kira are you sick? – Oh, yeah big time. – Then go home we’ll do
the show another day. – No, no, no, I’m fine this
is all just part of a trick. – Your nasty, booger
napkin is apart of a trick? – Yeah um, give me your cup. – Ew, take it, it’s gross now. – I can make this napkin go
straight through the glass all we need to do is
cover it with this towel. – Now that needs to be washed. – Put a rubber band over it, shake it up, and voila. – Wow, that’s
actually kind of cool. – Told ya. ( Kira sneezes) – Ah. (swipe sound) – Do you wanna sit this
episode out, you sound awful. – No, no I’ll do it I just
need to grab my cards. Oh also, you’ll
need to wear these. (breathes deeply) – And, now can you
please cut the cards, all of the table. That will complete your cut. We will now see what
card you cut it to. Now remember this card, okay. Now I will make it.. (boy sneezes) disappear. – Where’d it go? – Up my nose. – Up your nose that’s.. (sneezes) – Ew. – Is this your card? – Yes, but that is disgusting. (happy noise)