Delinquent: Wow! I, the Delinquent, am having a wonderful nap time. Surely nothing could possibly disturb me. Phoenix: Hello Delinquent! I
am no longer deceased, it’s time to go camping! Delinquent: For gosh sake, Counter Blox
Soldier, am I not allowed to sleep? Phoenix: No, you are not! Come with me. Delinquent: Put me down! Why does this keep happening! Ace Pilot: I’m so excited to go camping, what about you, Sharkboy? Shark boy: *Italian noises, something about minecraft* Ace Pilot: Oh, okay. I totally understood every word you just said. Phoenix: We have arrived! John Brick: Counter Blox Soldier, you stupid broccoli boy. Where’s the
delinquent? Delinquent: I am ready to go camping! Shark Boy: *italian noises, something about spaghetti* Delinquent: The only word I undertood you say was spaghetti, so yes I agree. Let’s get going! John Brick: Delinquent, you silly banana. You are in the front seat which means you are the biggest loser. Delinquent: Why are you so mean to me, John Brick? John Brick: Because I am an alpha gamer and you are just a pathetic bowl of oatmeal. Delinquent: Why? Why does this happen to me? I’m not a bowl of oatmeal. 🙁 Ace Pilot: So does anyone know any epic
stories to tell? John Brick: Oh I have a story! Once upon a time there was this god like human named John Brick who saw a cat stuck in a tree. The cat was crying for help and
there was only one man who could save this precious kitten.
John brick proceeded to perform 26 backflips and begun defying gravity
flying up to the poor kitten and saving its life.
Once John brick landed all the ladies begun cheering and clapping and we all
bursted into song while doing the orange justice The end! Delinquent: Wow! Did that actually happen? Ace Pilot: Of course it didn’t. John Brick still needs his mother to make his ham sandwiches! John Brick: No she doesn’t! I am a BIG BIG BOY who can make my own sandwiches. Are we there yet? Baby: I am baby! I am sitting here with my rock friend! We are CUTE, LITTLE BABIES! Nothing could go wrong 😀 Phoenix: That was a close one! We almost squished Baby! Phoenix: BREAKING NEWS! We have squished Baby! Rabblerouser: Wow! This forest is amazing! Finally you guys have made it to Jackeryz Campgrounds. How was the bus ride? Phoenix: It was fantastic! We squished Baby! Rabblerouser: That sounds truly magical. let’s go to the cabin and hang out. Here we go! *lazy animating* John Brick: Why did those foolish grapefruits run ahead of us. Now we’re going to get lost. Ace Pilot: Maybe if your big head didn’t get stuck in the bus we wouldn’t be in this position. John Brick: Who are you calling big head? Gosh darn it, what are we going to do now in this dumb forest. *concrete scraping* Woods: Hello friends. I have been in this bush for exactly 349 seconds just waiting for your arrival! It is me, Woods! From the popular first person shooting game known as Arsenal and I am here to guide you to the glorious campfire! Ace Pilot: Oh thank goodness! Can
we go there now? Woods: Of course! But you need to say the magic words
“ravioli ravioli please subscribe to Jackeryz on youtube-oli” John Brick: What a stupid phrase. Who in their right minds would subscribe to Jackeryz on YouTube right now so he can possibly hit 30,000 subscribers? Woods: Nevermind that then. You are a cruel banana. Follow me to the campfire. Ace Pilot: I’m so excited! Slasher: This is all coming along to plan. These foolish grapefruits will regret stepping foot into my forest. Phoenix: How could you lose the key to the cabin? Now we are stuck outside in the wilderness! Rabblerouser: It wasn’t my fault! There was a scary noise coming from the spooky cave and I must have dropped it there when I was running! Delinquent: Counter Blox Soldier, please put her down! Phoenix: You are a small meatball! I’ve had it with you! I shall throw you down these steps and you will feel engless amounts of agony! Delinquent: That was anti-climactic. Phoenix: You weren’t supposed to land on your feet! I can see why the Delinquent has a crush on you, Rabblerouser. Rabblerouser: O.M.G. Do you actually have a crush on me, Delinquent? Delinquent: Um. No? Of course not! Why would I have a crush on you? Girls are gross! Boys rule, girls drool! Anyway let’s go find that cave
ha ha ha ha ! Woods: We have arrived! Ace Pilot: Thank goodness! I was worried we would be lost forever! Shark boy: *italian noises, something about spaghetti again* Woods: What did he just say..? John Brick: I don’t think anyone knows. We don’t even know who invited him. Ace Pilot: Speaking of which, The Boi. You have said literally nothing this entire trip, why is that? The Boi: I don’t know. John Brick: Okay. Fair Enough. Is there anything fun to do? Woods: There is a cave nearby that we can visit, but I must warn you. There is a rumour about a terrifying monster that dwells deep in
the underground that comes out to feast on any unsuspecting noobs at nighttime.
And it just so happens that it is nighttime right now so I don’t think we
should go to the cave. It would be a ridiculous idea to even think to go near
it at this time. Right? Woods: Gosh dang it. Delinquent: Oh my goodness! Quick guys, get over here. You won’t believe what I found! Phoenix: Holy cow! Is that a floating banana!? Delinquent: I know, right? That is so crazy! Oh and also there’s a dead body. Rabblerouser: This is scary! There’s a terrifying monster in there! *minecraft cave sounds* Phoenix: Oh my goodness, Minecraft cave sounds! The worst kind of cave noises! John Brick: Epic! We have found the super ultra SWAG cave! Ace Pilot: Everyone else is here! What a
perfect coincidence! Slasher: It’s more than just a coincidence! You foolish grapefruits have entered my domain. No one escapes my forest alive! Ace Pilot: You are so lucky I don’t
have my megaphone right now…>:( Delinquent: Why do you need to kill us? We can just leave the forest and never come back! Slasher: I cannot allow that. If you were to
escape my forest alive then you would reveal the true secrets that lie within
this cave. *scary minecraft cave sounds* Phoenix: Whatever is inside that cave sounds like it is about to come out! *cute little puppy :-D* Slasher: The scary monster in the cave was a little puppy this entire time? *monch* John Brick: What. Jackeryz: Hello everyone! Delinquent: Oh my goodness! It’s Jackeryz himself! Jackeryz: Yes it is me! Is everything okay? Rabblerouser: We are completely fine! Your dog actually saved us from a scary Slasher man! Phoenix: Is there anything we can do to repay you for your dogs’ heroic deeds? Jackeryz: As a matter of fact, yes there is! You could all subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’m so close to 30,000 subscribers and I could use all the help I can get! *everyone left pfff who would sub to jack LOL* Shark Boy: *italian noises, something about spaghetti again* Shark Boy: Spaghetti! Pizza Boy: Oh boy, I finally made it! Baby: I am baby 😀