♪♪ Hey, guys.
Michael Carbonaro here. Thanks for watching
the new episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” And welcome
to “The After Effect,” where I answer your questions. Thanks for writing these in. You can always write them in at #AskMichaelCarbonaro
on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s get started. Jana asks, “Where do you find
that ‘Moby Dick’ shirt?” [ Laughs ]
“Did you make it yourself?” Yes, we did. We had that shirt made
for that particular trick. Why can’t I get that to — That’s amazing. Whoa! Oh, there we go. Did I get it? It’s gonna redact you. Oh, it redacted you. Oh. I don’t know if there
actually is a “Moby Dick” shirt in the world
before this moment. But I kept that shirt. So, I love that shirt.
It’s very funny. Alright, Ivy writes in,
“That teenage girl actually wanted
the dangerous book.” [ Laughing ] That’s right.
That shot out the bullets. [ Gunshot ] Ooh! There’s one on guns, too, yeah. Gosh, I felt that blow right by my ear. That was so weird. Did that go right
through the book? It went right through the book. “Did that make you laugh?” You know,
I didn’t know she wanted it until I saw the cut later because she, like, asks her mom
if she can have it, I think. I don’t think I’m on camera
when she asked that, but that made me laugh
when I saw that. I think it was really funny. Look at it.
It went right through his head. Cool.
Can we get the book? That could seriously
hurt somebody. Can we get the book? No. Brendan asks,
“Who came up with the idea to feed grass to ground beef? You really confused
that poor girl.” [ Chuckling ] I know. I never, like, thought about
what that meant, to be honest. Oh, yeah. Well, we feed it ourselves here because the beef actually has
the muscle memory still of… That’s crazy. …of eating grass. I did. I love that one.
I don’t know. It was just — I love
the premise of grass-fed beef, and I was like,
“Hmm, grass-fed beef.” And I thought maybe someone
would be, like — believe that, like,
“Is that what that means?” And she did. Oh, my God. It’s, like, alive. Yeah, it is. Is it alive? John says, “How did you come up
with the idea to have a finger cooker?” Oh. You know what that was?
That was a riff. You know, sometimes, we riff,
like, on our own stuff. That was a riff on way back
in Season 1 when I used my hand to iron
something at the dry cleaner, and I was like,
“I really loved that image of the smoke in the hand.” And I was like, “Oh, how about
cooking something with a hand?” So that was sort of like a riff
on my own — I stole from myself. And it’s simple to use the stuff. There’s this great one for — Oh. That was on.
Sorry. Kristin asks,
“That woman in the food lab had the best
facial expressions.” She was — she was disgusted
by the whole premise. I loved it. The question is,
“Did you know she was definitely gonna make it
into the final episode?” See those, like,
fibers in there? That kind of, like, was
mimicking, like, muscle fiber. I kind of have
a really bad sense of which one’s
gonna be the one. Like, I always think it’s one —
like, I’m like, “Oh, this person we did it on
is gonna be the one,” and then we watch it later,
and we’re putting it together — I’m like, “Whoa!” She was
the first one up of the day, and I was still concentrating
how the trick was going to work, and I was still working
through my head, like, what I was going to say. Aah! That is so… But, yeah, I didn’t know
she was gonna be the one, and she’s — she is. She nailed it.
It was perfect. So I was — I love being
surprised by that, too. That’s when
I get to be like you guys. I go, like, “Whoa!
Look at this person.” I don’t even get to see them
when I’m shooting. So, great question. And that’s
the end of our questions. Thank you guys
for writing these in. Love to hear
what you’re thinking. Write in again
on Twitter or Facebook — #AskMichaelCarbonaro —
and I will check those out. See you next week. ♪♪