Better go collect some spell energy What’s this? There’s no button to exit C’mon Woah woah Where is this?! Where am I? Who are you? (Breathe in) Wait wait wait….
Where am I (Put yourself together) I’m not supposed to be here (calm down) I was in… Wait. What is this? Stop. What is this? Stop! No
(Spell: Aishyuruhewwdeam) Wow, thank you (British accent) Could you please enlighten me where on earth am I? Before that, let me just ask you Are you SK? Ya, and you? I’m Haylee. Haylee Potter. I’m your guardian here in Hogwarts. Hogwarts? This is nowhere close to Hogwarts! And you – you look like a Malaysian! Wow
(You’re really lucky) Now, say something (“Something?) Woah, what’s this? This looks awful! I’d want to switch No no no. This is the best for someone who didn’t even want to try Come on
It’s time to go Come on
Stand up Hey could you just stop doing that Nah you will get used to it
(Wait what) Hey where are we going? Class, duh! Class? I’m not ready for class! He looks weird (Classroom chatters) Class: Hi Miss Rita Hello, is everyone here? Class: Yes Alright, very good! Now I hear we have a new student today SK
(Class: Hi) Welcome to Hogwarts Ok, so today we’re gonna start with a new spell and it’s called
“Gempasheekeelah” So say it with me,
“Gempasheekeelah” (Class: “Gempasheekeelah”) Very good now this one is actually
really interesting because you can turn anything ordinary, mundane into
something magical So let’s try it out Can I have your bag please? Ok so all you need to do is with your wands “Gempasheekeelah” (Class surprised and amazed) Cool right? When you see right, sometimes you may do it wrongly. Or it might not be something that you want So you can always reverse
that spell okay, and it’s very easy You just have to say,
“Konterolzeebaleek”, okay? Now ready? “Konterolzeebaleek”
and there you go! (Class went beserk) Alright, settle down
Now it’s time for you to practice so grab your wands and let’s start
(Oh my god) Woah, oh my god! Hey, that’s so cool! Hey, can I try? Ya, absolutely! Here okay okay, wait what?
(Hold, hold) What are you doing?
Oh so you are making this hard for me huh? Alright, challenge accepted!
Watch me alright! “Gempasheekeelah”! Woah, wow! I did it! Now let’s go out and try on something else Sure, why not? Jom! (Classmates leaving the classroom) hey Haley, you know what I want thank you for everything today It’s such a good experience! Nah don’t mention it. It’s just something we get to do every day Really? That’s so cool! Ahh I got to go first.
Don’t forget to practice your spell alright? Sure no problem!
(see you tomorrow) See you tomorrow