Diamon a penny this is a really expensive trick Maybe a hold up hold up to your hands Yeah And then here we’ll use this one turn it down I’m gonna give you the diamond the penny and just like wrap your hand around it like that Now you can relax that hand. There you the question is do you want the dime or the penny? You’re like who cares Sure sure, um your lower your hand a little bit little higher ah Dime or penny just Nabal Alright, I’m gonna reach in I’m just gonna take one of these out take this one over the penny Okay, so we’re gonna try to get the dime to travel out of your hands into the top. Okay, it’s gonna happen quick so watch One two three Now if the if the time is here that must mean open up I Want you to do again make that fist alright now We’re gonna place this on the back and a little bit lower a little a little bit lower see this coin Yes, we’re gonna make this coin disappear Okay, watch close. Don’t take your eye off the quarter. Okay, it’s gonna happen on the count of one Feel it. Yeah, you did two three