What color rose do you see? I took egg carton and cut out different size cups to make a rose I also cut out some leaves I used a wooden skewer to make the stem I steamed them, so they could be bent to achieve more natural look of a stem Then I wrapped it around a wooden stick and let it to dry for a few hours I made 2 roses One I painted yellow and the other white After painting everything that should be painted It was time to put it all together After gluing together the flower head I drilled a hole in the bottom to insert the stem Then I glued leaves and painted the glue green so it could not be seen I used a straw to put some thermochromic pigment into the jar of clear nail polish Then I mixed it all together When that was done I painted the rose red Thanks to the thermochromic pigment our rose will change the color when heated Thermochromic pigment will become transparent that way exposing the color under the nail polish It will turn back red when it cools down Ask your girlfriend What color Roses does she like the best? Buy the pigment of that color and use it to make the rose Before giving her the rose Heat it up! Tell her that you made her favorite color rose She will probably think that you have a bad memory as the rose is yellow, not red After a few minutes The rose will turn red