Ronan: We’ve got Magic’s Mystery Sound and
nobody has guessed it. If you can tell us what it is, it’s £10,000. [Magic’s Mystery Sound plays] Andrea: Sorry, I thought that was you moving
against your mic! Ronan: Well… maybe! Andrea: Is it a slowed down roar or something? Caroline: Something backwards? Andrea: Is it some kind of animal? Harriet: We haven’t had anybody suggest an
animal! Ronan: I love that! Ronan: Yeah, you’re close now.
Definitely getting there. Give us a guess, go on. Have a go. Andrea: That was my guess! Harriet: That was her guess! Andrea: Rooooar.
Or maybe it’s person slowed down yawning? It’s Ronan yawning in the morning. Ronan: Well, that happens! Caroline: It sounds like something is hitting
up against a mic or something like that to me. [We’ve been waiting for a winner and this
morning… …we still haven’t got one!] Andrea: I can’t believe it!