[GINNY METHERAL] I am Ginny Metheral, an Earth
Magic witch, and here is my latest video. I hope that you enjoy it. Hello people. So
nice of you to join me today, we have a great video for you today, all about smudge sticks
and the Green Man, so it is quite a short one for you. The reason we want to do smudge
sticks is because I brought this, a beautiful, beautiful new quartz pendulum, I love it,
it’s so good. However, when I got it, I thought it needed a bit of clearing, so I
asked it ‘what do you need me to do’ and it said wash me. Rose soap and hot water,
lovely. And then can you smudge me. And it said make your smudge up. And I thought ‘oh,
OK’ but then I could teach you how I did this. So, today’s video is all about making
a smudge stick and in order to do that we are going to go outside into the garden and
collect some stuff. So here we are in the garden and it is bloody cold and everything
is a bit dead because it is December. However, we are going to walk round and I am going
to find the plants that appeal to me and we are going to pick them. Because that is how
you make a smudge stick, you choose what you like, I know, who knew? At this point you
should be using your silver sickle if you were a druid. I don’t have one so I am going
to use Granny’s special scissors and hope that Granny doesn’t notice. Let’s go on.
I might get some of this geranium, it is about time it had a chop. I like geraniums and some
flowers. As flowers are really pretty and I like them and remember it is everything
that you like. Right what else. Oh, maybe some Rosemary, I like rosemary, I am cutting
it, [CAT RUNS THROUGH] oh Cat hello. Coming to join us? Very clever. And I like this lavender
so I might have some lavender because it smells nice. And this is some lemon thyme which gives
a lovely flavour and then here is some oregano which I am going to add as well. So, I have
now gone around the garden and I have got enough foliage and plants and flowers for
one small smudge stick. So, let’s go inside and I will show you what to do next. So, you
have got your bunch of stuff and what you do is just bunch it. Into quite firm a bunch.
Get some cotton, you might like to use coloured cotton at this point. Just wrap and wrap and
wrap, oh it is going everywhere and that is getting in the way, the cotton around the
stick of stuff. Really lovely and tight and when you get to the end it is a good idea
to fold the ends over. I am doing this very quickly but you can take a bit more care.
But I just wanted to show you the general principles. Then tie your cotton off and in
a knot, trim it down and voila one smudge stick. So, this you can then hang upside down
in an airing cupboard or a a very low oven overnight, I mean very low, fifty degrees
or something. Or just on top of the radiator will do it, and dry it out. It will take about
three days in an airing cupboard or on top of a radiator and then, it is ready for use.
One smudge stick. Now in the words of Blue Peter, if you can remember that far back,
here’s one that I made earlier. So this was about this size at one point and it shrinks
down. You might need to tie a bit more cotton around it, after it has shrunk, just to hold
it together as it can get a bit loose and you want them nice and tight. This is a purchased
one which I have been using for many years actually and it just goes on and on and on.
And it is very woody, so twigs are fine. It is whatever you feel like, it is all about
you as I keep saying. So, with this smidge stick you can now use it to cleanse and clear
things, so I use it to clear my pendulum for example, I smudged underneath. So, there is
one more thing that I wanted to talk about which is the Green Man, so here is a little
history lesson for you, one minute long, if that. Interesting I promise you, have a watch.
The Green Man has been honoured and revered by cultures from the North, South East and
West. He has a male aspect (as much as one would consider an oak tree male) and is one
of the 12 great earth spirits and holds dominion over all vegetation. His awakening each year
is heralded by the blooming of the earliest flowers. The Green Man starts the year as
a vigorous youth, slowly growing older as the seasons pass until winter where he is
aged and venerable. This cycle and his magic is what helps bring forth the natural birth
and growth of all plant life. Great Britain acknowledged his presence throughout the dark
ages until the decline of Druidism and the Norman period whereupon he was seen carved
in stone adorning churches. During the later centuries the green man grew in country lore
to become amongst others the wild man of the woods, the Jack in the green and the Burry
man all of whom you can see commemorated in festivals still. So why the history lesson?
Because the Green Man as I said earlier is the guardian Spirit of all the vegetation
on Earth and therefore, he can help you with a smudge stick. He can increase the energy
for it and therefore strengthen their effect. This is great and useful and the good thing
about it is that if you ask him, he will always come. Now, you can ask him in your head ‘Oh
Green Man please help me that would be great’ or you can ask him out loud ‘Dear Green
Man, please join us here and help us with this smudge stick’. But whatever you do
use his name. Otherwise you might as well invoke my cat. Or the table, or worse something
bad might turn up as you have asked to bring energy into the room. So, when you have finished
it is also important to say a thank you. I mean that is just good manners isn’t it
to say thank you, why not? He helped you and that is quite a good thing to do, I think.
Anyway. So, now let’s get to lighting the smudge stick and I will show you what I would
do. So, here’s the smudge stick, we have got one, and here’s some matches and I have
got a bowl which is just in case all goes wrong, I can put it in it. OK so, light the
smudge stick get a nice flame going, don’t do this if you are underage is the only thing
I can say. I am not quite sure what underage means, but I don’t think your parents would
be very pleased if you went around setting off their smoke alarms. I hope mine doesn’t
go off. When you have a nice good smudge going simply wrap it around whatever it is you are
cleansing. Take it around the room if that is what you are doing. Take it around yourself,
I have often been known to smudge myself. This one smells particularly nice, it has
a lot of lavender in it and you can really smell it. Now, that is how smudge sticks are
made and used. So, if you like this video remember in the words of Safiya Nygaard who
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