– Akira, why are
all the lights out? – [Akira] Walker, remember
when you said you wanted a pet? – Yeah. – [Akira] Well, I
got you a rabbit. – Really? Thanks, Akira. – [Akira] You bet! Just one catch. It’s a ghost rabbit! (dramatic orchestral music) (rabbit screeches) (Walker screams) (Akira laughs) – Why would you do that? – Sorry. I’m just trying to
show off our new trick. It’s called Ghost Effect. – Aww, I thought we
actually got a pet. – See? I put the rabbit here and
shine the light onto it and onto the plexiglass. – That’s a neat trick. – You okay? – I just feel like a wimp. I got scared by a stuffed toy. – You’re not a wimp. You just scare easily. – I wish I was brave. – You know, we could use
the Book of Dark Magic to make you brave. Or make a strength potion
and give you huge muscles. That would make you
feel really brave. – No way. The Book of Dark Magic
only makes things worse. I have to learn how to be brave. – All right, let’s cheer you up. Wanna go perform some magic? – I do have a new trick
I want to show you. (high energy rock music) I wanna perform a card
trick for you all, but I have a small problem. I can’t really find my cards. I call myself a collector. Other people may
call me a hoarder. I don’t want to name
names, but yeah, that’s what I’ve been called. But in my deck of
cards, I’ve got stuff. Here, let me just, ugh. It’s kind of my spare eyeball. Can you hold that real quick? Thank you. And then I like to recycle because to save the
Earth, am I right? So here’s my cotton swab. Here, you can hold that. – No (laughs). – Okay, you can hold that. – Oh, my goodness. – It’s okay. It’s good. Here, I got my ChapStick. – Do you need ChapStick? – Right? Here, you want that ChapStick? I’ve got my ChapStick. I’ve got all my first
teeth that I pulled out. – That’s lovely. – Here, you can hold that. – You’ll hold the teeth. – It’s all normal. It’s all normal. It’s all normal. And, oh, right down in here, it’s my secret magic book. I don’t want to– – I’ll hold that one. – You guys can’t see that one. It has all my secrets in it. Oh, there they are. There they are, all my cards. – What? – How does that
all fit in there? – All my cards. – That’s crazy. – And here, you can hold that. – Whoa. – See a secret space in there? – He has a whole book
in there and the cards. – Yeah. How does
that fit in there? – Hi, guys. – Hi. All right, I have a super
cool crayon trick for you. So right here, I have
this jumbo crayon, and I’m going to try to
make it completely disappear into my fist. All right? So I’m gonna to take it, and I’m gonna really
push it in there. That’s a lot of
crayon to shove down. Ooh, not a lot of space, but I think I can
get it in there. Gotta get the tip. Really pushing it in. All right. I think it’s good. I think we’re gone. Three, two, one. There we go. It’s gone. – That’s really cool. – Thank you so much. – Whoa. How’d you do that? – A magician never tells. – Don’t you tell the secrets
of all your tricks on YouTube? – Yeah, but isn’t
the mystery cool? – I’ll figure out how you
did that, Mr. Magician. (suspenseful music) – Ready to go? – That girl is creepy. – Yeah. Anyway, I have a
surprise for you. Let’s go this way. (lighthearted music) Surprise! I bought you boxing lessons. I figured it might help
you with your nerves. – You think boxing
will help me get brave? – Boo. – Ah! – (laughs) Yep.
He’s a scaredy-cat. – Mm-hmm. – Ow. – Arah, the Head Crusher,
Dilopidus, at your service. I’ve been boxing and
crushing heads since the 70s. – Oh. Head crusher? – Yeah, well, before
I was crushing heads, I was blowing everybody’s
mind with my magic. – You were a magician? – You betcha. How do you think I met Akira? Well, look at this. Look. (Walker laughs) You want to trade some tricks? – Well, a magician never
reveals his tricks. (suspenseful music) – (laughs) That was a good one. Okay, let’s learn to box. Cover your face. Cover your face. Cover your stomach. Right after I take a quick nap. (Walker whimpers) – Well, good luck. I’ll see you later. – Wait. You’re leaving? – Yeah. You said it yourself. You have to learn to be brave. I’m already brave. – Ow. (enchanted music) Maybe just one spell. Just give me some muscles
before I train, of course. (enchanted music) – I call upon to do some harm dark magic put strength
in my arms (grunts). Hmm (grunts). – (laughs menacingly) Behold,
I am the headless magician. Hand over you tricks,
or hand over you head. – No, I like my head. (headless magician laughs) Oh, I still have my head. That was a close one. (gasps) Oh, no. He took the book of dark magic. Akira’s gonna kill me.